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Digits: Leaves, lipstick, T-Swift, and more

Plus: A new shopping app may be on the horizon, and Amp lowers its volume.

1) Every year, ~8m tons of leaves are raked up and brought to landfills in the US. Experts say we should let them be, as they provide resources for critters and return nutrients to the soil.

2) The “lipstick effect” describes how consumers tend to splurge on beauty products in an economic downturn. In the last year, though, amid slowing growth and rising inflation, there was a 2.1% drop in sales of face care products.

3) As of last week, Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album has seen 486m+ streams, the third-most on record for a single week. “Midnights” also saw the highest-selling single-week sales for a vinyl album since 1991, with some 515k+ records sold.

4) In China, ecommerce company Pinduoduo has 730m+ customers. In the US, its sibling Temu has rapidly climbed to a top spot on the app charts, offering dirt-cheap prices on Chinese products.

5) Amazon reportedly reduced the headcount of its team working on the new live-radio app, Amp, by 50%, or ~150 people. Amp lets creators host live-radio talk shows with licensed music.

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