Chrome owns the browser game. Competitors want to change that.
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Chrome owns the browser game. Competitors want to change that.

Chrome commands ~70% of the browser market, but competitors are making big investments to change that.

When it launched in 2008, Google Chrome had .3% of web browser market share. Today, that figure hovers around ~70%.

Nira CEO Hiten Shah, attributes Chrome’s market dominance to treating the browser as a platform, not just a tool to view webpages. Now, it’s challengers are following suit.

Companies are making the browser a focus for a number of reasons

David Pierce at Protocol says 2 of the biggest are:

Now challengers are thinking about browsers as operating systems, and optimizing for different benefits depending on the company. The key players include:

But there’s a catch…

… all of the challengers except Safari are built on Chromium, Google’s open-source browser codebase — which raises the question: Can anyone build a better Chrome than Chrome?

While Apple commands a respectable ~19% market share, and Microsoft may be able to use lock-in to force users onto Edge, the bar for browser startups has never been higher.

In such a crowded market, .3% market share doesn’t sound so bad.

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