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DoorDash wants to deliver everything

The food delivery leader is expanding into groceries.

Credit: Maskot / Getty Images

With food delivery down from its pandemic highs, it might be surprising to hear that DoorDash shares are up 28% in the last month.

One reason investors are bullish: the company has proven it has a viable grocery and convenience delivery business, per The Wall Street Journal.

This pins the company against new competitors…

… some of which are struggling:

While its competitors struggle, DoorDash has reportedly doubled its grocery delivery business since last year.

So what makes DoorDash different?

Users seem to be using DoorDash in a different way from its pure-play competitors:

This use case could prove to be more sustainable than relying on delivery for all groceries in the long run.

DoorDash is relatively new to grocery and convenience…

… So is Uber, one of its top rivals in general delivery. Both companies are trying to hook customers with a $10/mo. subscription, setting up a battle for wallet share.

With ~40% of its 25m monthly users subscribed to DashPass, DoorDash seems to have a head start.

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