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Can Zmail become the new Gmail?

The videoconferencing app is taking on Microsoft Office and Google.

Maybe Zoom fatigue wouldn’t be so bad if you could get more done in Zoom.

At least that seems to be the hypothesis behind Zoom One, the videoconferencing giant’s all-in-one suite that recently added in-app email and calendar functionality.

So the solution to Zoom fatigue is more Zoom?

Right. Zoom says it wants to solve the “toggle tax” — the time it takes workers to regain focus after switching between apps — which can add up to four hours per week, per Harvard Business Review.

You may still be asking: Why Zoom?

Of course, there are also business reasons

With its stock down ~70% in the past year, and as alternatives like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Meet grow their own features and market share, Zoom is trying to retain customers by offering an all-in-one solution.

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