EMAILED ON November 28, 2019 BY Brad Wolverton

Where in the world is Steph? Our intrepid correspondent digs the digital nomad life, and you’re all better for it

There’s remote work, and then there’s Steph Smith’s version of remote work. Our Trends senior analyst has lived and worked in more than 50 countries in the past 2 years, including Portugal, Japan, Nicaragua, and Scotland.

Since joining us full-time in September, she’s spent time in a half-dozen countries finding inspiration for stories in unusual places. We asked her to break down a few of her faves:

🌿Kava bars and Avani Eco: I spend most of my time in Bali. This island is known for its “Eat Pray Love” vibe, but it’s also grounds for a lot of innovative thinking — particularly around plant-based products. It’s common to attend “sober” parties or see people opting out of alcohol and into things like kratom. When I dug into this, it seemed like both kratom and kava are gaining attention in the West. Similarly, Bali banned single-use plastics, which resulted in these amazing cassava starch bags.

🎆 Digital Museums: On a visit to Japan this year, I was drawn to a new attraction at the top of everyone’s must-see list — a digital museum called teamLab Borderless. Unlike traditional museums that focus on a single-asset model (there’s only one Mona Lisa), these museums were so interesting because of their potential to be “copied and pasted” around the world. Check out my tweets showing my experience up close.

✈️ Airplane cocktail kit: On a flight from YYZ to TPE a few months ago, I ordered a Bloody Mary. Unfortunately, my economy ticket afforded me only a little tomato juice with a splash of vodka. That got me thinking… do you really have to pay big bucks for a business-class ticket just to get a decent mile-high cocktail? When I did a simple Google search, it looked like others were asking a similar question — and one company was actually serving one up — at $24 apiece! That’s when I knew there was room for someone to swoop in at a lower price.

Steph filed this piece while flying from Sydney, Australia, where she’s spent the past month, to San Francisco, where she’s joining us for Hustle Con next week. We’ll keep you posted on her travels.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear where in the world you read The Hustle. Send your stories and pics to us at [email protected]