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Are Apple AR glasses coming?

Despite other brands struggling to succeed with AR glasses, Apple is poised to bring them to the masses.

The Apple AR glasses are unofficial mock-ups from The Wall Street Journal

Apple made a comically large $365B+ in the 2021 fiscal year.

At that level, there are very few business lines that can really move the needle for the company (its $19 polishing cloth won’t do it).

Augmented reality (AR) glasses…

… could be one answer. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Christoper Mims, the eyeglasses market is worth $150B a year.

A number of tech companies have tried — and mostly failed — to crack the consumer glasses market:

Here’s why Apple is set up for success

According to Mims, Apple AR benefits from:

Apple has yet to make an AR announcement, but Apple Insider says the product could come out by the end of next year. If it does, that $19 polishing cloth better work on glasses.

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