What are the memes of the year?

Buzzfeed just dropped its meme of the year list; here are our favorites.

Buzzfeed rolled out its annual “memes of the year” list and there are some doozies in there.

Befitting the rise of video app TikTok, the top 2 memes are from the social video app:

  1. A video of a dancing llama called “Mi Pan
  2. DoggFace, AKA Skateboarding cranberry-drinking and Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” lip-synching guy

A few others we love:

The Dancing Pallbearers

A 2017 BBC video of dancing pallbearers cut to some crazy techno tunes has become a ubiquitous way to troll someone after they get served on the internet.

Everything is a Cake

Source: BakeKing YouTube channel

Some dark wizards bakers on the internet decided to make everyday objects — basically everything that should not be a cake — into cakes.

The Dolly Parton Challenge

In the halcyon days of January, singing legend Dolly Parton posted a 4-panel Instagram showing the different profile pictures she would “use” for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. #TheDollyPartonChallenge took off, with Martha Stewart dropping a particularly funny one.

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