Toilet maker aims to get your butt back to work

A new potty is designed to break up the amount of time you spend away from your desk. Double flush THIS.

Like to linger in the loo? That might change. There’s a new anti-ergonomic toilet designed to keep workers off the john and at their desks.

Let’s sh*t and get to it…

StandardToilet’s 13-degree slope will make your legs tired after 5 minutes.

Company founder Mahabir Gill’s need to deter stall squatters became clear after what started as a fun night out left him in dire circumstances.

Unfortunately for Gill — and maybe for you — there were no free toilets to be found.

  • According to one survey, potty procrastination at work is a real thing. Londoners average 28 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • Productivity boosters are a thriving market. Tetramind, for example, tattles to bosses when employees bounce between apps too often.

But one man’s productivity is another’s pain

Sit-stand desks and meditation rooms are reserved for one employee class.

Lower-level workers are subject to extra policing… even in the most intimate spaces.

  • At one Scottish call center, staff must document their potty breaks and are allowed at most 1% of their workday — 2 minutes for a 4-hour shift — to take care of “business.”

Amazon reportedly doesn’t give warehouse workers time to tinkle during shifts. Some resort to peeing in bottles.

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