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The houseplant community is growing like a weed

Houseplants took over the pandemic, and collectors are finding themselves in a jungle of their own making.

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Know what this living space needs? More plants.

That’s what thousands of people have told themselves throughout the pandemic — leading to rapid growth of the online plant community (and a rise of plant-obsessed hoarders), per Input Mag.

The houseplant frenzy has been budding all over social media

Enthusiasts have been congregating across platforms, including:

The craze has gotten so big that, in 2021, “how to move with plants” was Googled more than “how to move with kids” or “how to move with pets.”

It’s also minted a very specific type of influencer

“Plantfluencers” often have hundreds of plants, and help guide new hobbyists down the rabbit hole, showing them which plants to purchase and how to care for them.

But many plantfluencers are quick to point out that the rapid growth of the houseplant community has fostered a trend of overconsumption:

Despite the downsides, plants have proven benefits

Some perks of the hobby include improved moods and reduced stress; plants can also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.

If you’re a budding plantfluencer, just be mindful of your spending habits, or you may find yourself in a jungle of your own making.

P.S. Need help caring for your indoor plants? Check out this guide to master the basics.

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