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Southwest Airlines’ travel chaos, explained

Southwest Airlines is a real mess right now.

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We hope you’re reading this from where you expected to be this morning. If not, is it because Southwest Airlines stranded you?

As of Tuesday morning, the airline had canceled 5.4k+ domestic flights since Monday, with more cancellations to come, per NPR.

Its stock sank ~6% on Tuesday, while passengers turned to social media to gripe about missing luggage and missed plans.

What’s the deal?

In October 2021, Southwest canceled 2k+ flights over four days due to bad weather and staffing, resulting in a $75m loss. Then-CEO Gary Kelly said it’d made adjustments to prevent future chaos.

But while recent winter storms strained many airlines, Southwest accounted for ~2.9k of Monday’s 4k+ cancellations, compared to Delta’s 276.

Southwest also faced:

What now?

For the next several days, Southwest will operate about one-third of its schedule. CEO Bob Jordan has also acknowledged that the airline needs to “modernize” its tech.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Transportation is investigating if Southwest’s recent cancellations were “controllable” (defined as within the airline’s control), and if it’s complying with its customer service plan (what it’s promised to do in the event of controllable cancellations and delays).

BTW: President Joe Biden has encouraged affected passengers to see if they’re eligible for compensation.

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