15 Daily Tips for At-Home Wellness

The Hustle reached deep into our inner zen to compile these go-to wellness tips. Each of ‘em can easily be practiced any (or every) day to help boost your physical, mental, and emotional health.

November 13, 2020

If you’re reading this, stop. 

Step back from the screen, close your eyes, rub your temples, and breathe. Ahhhhh.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah — trying our best not to fall the F apart this year.

Lucky for you, we’re not just bad news bearers — we’re actually here to help fix all of this (with a little support from our fine friends at Fully). 

So we aligned our chakras, took some deep breaths, and whipped up this guide to drop your stress to new lows — we’re talkin’ Marianas Trench-level depths. 

Read on and chill out.

Treat Your Body

Get To Steppin’ (Or Running, Biking, Lifting, etc)

  • Why: Exercise helps reduce depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, trauma, improves your sleep, your memory, your cognition, increases your energy, AND makes you more resilient. Sheesh.
  • Our Recommendation: Block off 45 minutes in the afternoon to move. If you’re feeling bougie, you can pick up a Tempo (and beat Sam on the leaderboard, please), but for a simpler start, just try these living room workouts from Active.com
  • Great For: The WFH parent. Have your kids join in, then watch them pass out on the floor for naptime after. Hear that? That’s the sound of peace and frickin’ quiet. 

Score A Setup That Supports You

  • Why: Don’t undo all that exercise by settling for a rigid, unhealthy work area. Instead, opt for chairs and desks that support your body and allow you to stay healthy and keep moving throughout the work day. 
  • Our Recommendation: We have a hard time picking anything besides the best-reviewed standing desk on the planet (and the one we use at The Hustle): The Jarvis from Fully.
  • Great For: Everybody, honestly. Nothing will screw up your back quite like sitting in a bad chair at a regular desk for 10 hours straight. Be better than that. 

Limit Screen Time (Or Try Blue-Light Blockers)

  • Why: Too much screen time can cause headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, and dry eyes (oh, and it hurts your thinker, too). If you can’t take more breaks, try on a pair of blue-light blocking glasses for size.
  • Our Recommendation: Brands like Felix Gray offer both prescription and non-prescription options at pretty reasonable prices
  • Great for: The content writer who spends their entire day staring at PDFs, checking for spelling errors. Your peepers will thank you. 

Revamp Your Quaran-Diet with Healthy Snacks

  • Why: Healthy eating helps you feel engaged, curious, creative, and fulfilled (mentally and stomach-ly), according to this study
  • Our Recommendation: Daily Harvest, partially for the wide variety of options but mostly because we absolutely crush acai-cherry smoothies
  • Great For: The mindless eater. We’re guilty of pounding down a whole bag of mini Dove chocolates without noticing, so having something healthier to opt for can solve a whole lot of our sugary problems.  

If All Else Fails… Cue The Stretch Break

  • Why: Stretching reduces fatigue, prevents muscle strain, improves posture, and is simply a nice little mental break. 
  • Our Recommendation: This pretty thorough routine from Healthline. 
  • Great For: The meeting queen, whose only break from back-to-back-to-back-to-back’s is a 15 minute span from 1:30-1:45. Make the most of it, you little hustler, you. 

Relax Your Mind

There’s No Thing Like Ohmmmm

  • Why: Just a few days of meditation can help improve concentration, attention, combat anxiety and stress, and reduce heart rate. Oh, and duh — it’s free
  • Our Recommendation: Download Calm. There’s a reason it’s a billion dollar company… it frickin’ works
  • Great For: Those who have trouble detaching from work. Meditation forces you to take a break while also pushing all those worries (Meetings! Deliverables! What to do for team lunch!) out of your head for a bit. 

Block That Damn Calendar

  • Why: Get the more important stuff done so you can stress less. Or, take some time to get nothing done so you can simply decompress. Really, it just helps you make time for whatever you need
  • Our Recommendation: Block off a 1 hour stretch each afternoon. If you’re busy, use it for your top priority. If you’re not, use it to do one of these other tips, like meditate. Look at that! We went full circle. 
  • Great For: Triple-bookers. If you have a bad habit of overcommitting, blocking your calendar can help you get back on track and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Grab A Pencil (Or Play-Doh) And Zen Out

  • Why: Coloring can help you zone out and reduce free-floating anxiety by letting your brain drift away from your other tasks. We also like tactile things like Play-Doh, because, well, have you ever played with Play-Doh?? We rest our case. 
  • Our Recommendation: Monthly Coloring Club will send you fresh books to fill in every week. (Unfortunately, we don’t have a delivery service for Play-Doh, so you’ll have to hit the Dollar Store on your own time.)
  • Great For: WFH Parents. Yes, we used this twice. You know why? Because they deserve it. Buy extra for the kids and get distracted, together. 

Force Yourself To Laugh (Okay, We Swear We’re Not Just Giving Up)

  • Why: Before you call us crazy, just give us a chance: Laughter can soothe tension and improve your immune system, amongst many other things. C’mon, what’s there to lose?
  • Our Recommendation: Option #1: Slack your funniest coworker. Option #2: Pop on Netflix and put one of the best comedy specials of 2020 on in the background as you work. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. 
  • Great For: Monday. We all need a laugh on Monday. 

Care For Yourself

Practice The 4 A’s Of Stress Management

  • Why: Avoid, Alter, Accept, Adapt” isn’t just an easy way to remember the different ways to cope — it’s also super effective, because it gives you a variety of methods to run through if one isn’t working for you. 
  • Our Recommendation: Try actively practicing positive self-talk. Next time you knock yourself for a mistake, take a step back and instead pat yourself on the back for what you did right. You’d be surprised how much this can help your mood. 
  • Great For: Junior employees. Younger generations are facing a mental health crisis, so it’s more important than ever to focus on habits that will help lighten that load.  

Borrow An Ear

  • Why: Talking about our problems can actually make us feel better, but no one wants to feel like they’re burdening their friend with another 6-paragraph rant on their FaceTime date that went wrong… right guys? Right?? 
  • Our Recommendation: The hip little app HearMe anonymously connects you with a friendly listener who you can text to let some steam off. Bonus points for 1) being free, and 2) using text, which can make it easier to open up than traditional phone or video calls.
  • Great For: Those who have a tough time opening up to others. Because let’s face it… everything is so much easier over text. 

Give Away Your Time, Money, Resources

  • Why: We’ve talked a lot about helping ourselves here — but did you know there are actual physical benefits to helping others? Think lower blood pressure and increased sense of satisfaction.
  • Our Recommendation: In-person volunteering is mostly off the table right now, but you’d be surprised how good it feels (and easy it is) to give a gift card to a coworker, neighbor, friend, or person in need during these times. 
  • Great For: Workers whose business has grown in 2020 — take a little bit of that extra income and spread the love, baby. It’s a win-win.

Bust Out The Pen

  • Why: No, we don’t mean your vape (although that can help, too). Writing down your thoughts and feelings each day is actually one of the best ways to get in better touch with yourself and stabilize your emotions.
  • Our Recommendation: Buy a notebook. But, if you insist on keeping it virtual, try Journey.
  • Great For: Anyone who feels stuck in a rut. This will get that frustration-ball rolling, fast.

Two Words: Tele-Therapy (Okay, One Word)

  • Why: The entire Hustle team are huge fans of therapy, despite the stigma still attached to it. We’re here to tell you if you’ve ever considered it, please, just try it. It’s super, super helpful, and we can promise you you’re not the only one feeling this way.
  • Our Recommendation: There are tons of teletherapy services like Talkspace and Betterhelp, but they can be pricey. Try searching PsychologyToday to find therapists in your area that are covered by your insurance. 
  • Great For: Everyone. Yes, everyone. It’s 2020, folks — we’re all in on mental health. 

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