EMAILED ON January 30, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

2 Mergers and a Maybe: The M&A roundup the world needs right now

Mergers and acquisitions… three words that bring giant and sometimes not-so-giant corporations together under one huge, carbon-footprint-inducing roof.

Here are a few high-profile deals that caught our eye, and one potential behemoth that could rear its head in the near future.

Merger: Sanofi acquires its second biotech company this month

Yesterday, the French drugmaker agreed to buy the Belgian biotech company Ablynx for $4.8B.

Ablynx is it’s second high-profile biotech deal this month, after reeling in Bioverative for $11.6B.

There has been a relatively large uptick in biotech mergers in 2018 (with half as many this month as there were in all of 2017), and Sanofi’s leading the charge — making one of their most expensive purchases in 7 years.

Merger: that’s Keurig Dr. Pepper to you, pal

Keurig Green Mountain, the company behind everyone’s favorite non-biodegradable coffee pods, has acquired the drink supergroup Dr. Pepper Snapple in a $21B pileup.

This makes it an even bigger supergroup, (dare we say megagroup?), now known as Keurig Dr. Pepper, expected to hit $11B in yearly revenue.

Maybe: Dell is in talks to ‘reverse merge’ with VMware

Dell technologies is considering a sale to VMware, the $60B cloud computing company that Dell is currently an 80% owner of.

This odd move is known as a “reverse merger,” and it gets slightly more odd: The acquisition would allow Dell to go public for the second time after re-privatizing back in 2013.

This deal is far from finalized, but if it goes through, it could help Dell’s investors — who backed their company move in 2013 — monetize their deal, and also pay down their $50B of debt.

Not to mention it would be the biggest deal in tech history.