23andMe DNA Test

Get to know who you really are, by spitting in this tube. The DNA test kit from 23andMe is finally affordable and if you’re curious about the tiny chains that make you, you, it’s worth some spit.

the story

23andMe pioneered the at-home DNA test market. They’ve been at the DNA collection game for awhile now and lead the industry in science, service, and security.

And it’s super simple: order, spit, discover (their words, not ours).

why we like it

Family heritage is one of those things you wonder about, but never really know for certain. Now, thanks to faster DNA testing and the wonders of UPS, the mysteries of your genetic material can be solved without leaving the house.

The 23andMe DNA test provides your ancestry based on 31 populations worldwide. Just swab your cheek, send it in, and 3-4 weeks later you’ll know where your ancestors hailed from.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can splurge for the Health + Ancestry Service for about $70 more.

The added health kit provides you with more than 75 health-related reports on a variety of genetic conditions. Word of warning though, it reports a lot and some tests, like having a predisposition to Alzheimer’s, can be a little unnerving.

the competition

To our surprise, there’s a ton of DNA test kits out there. Apparently, at-home DNA testing is a white-hot industry. But considering the intrusive nature of the whole process, we’d recommend going with reputable providers — nothing scarier than your genetic makeup for sale on the dark web.

Ancestry’s DNA kit is one option to consider. Marketing fluff aside, selecting a DNA test kit is about the content they provide with the results. Ancestry has a huge library of media and user profiles to pull from making it worth a look.

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