Digits: Spotify in years, kosher food, and goo-goo gaga

1) The number of songs on Spotify jumped from 70m to 82m in 2021, or 33k each day. Notably, 1.5% of songs had 500k+ lifetime streams, and 25.8% had 100 streams or fewer. (Napkin math: Assuming the average song on Spotify runs 3 minutes, 30 seconds, it would take ~546 years to listen to all of them.)

2) Kosher food — certified during production by Rabbis to ensure it adheres to Jewish requirements — is a $24B global market. Since the certification is generally considered a mark of good quality, Jews only make up 20% of the customer base.

3) Taxes are due today, in case you were unaware. By the end of March, 91m returns were filed. On average, ~43m filings — ~29% of individual returns — are received within the last 3 weeks. And for the procrastinators here, ~11% of taxpayers file late.

4) Goo-goo gaga. As of March, ~29% of baby formula products were out of stock in the US. Now, Walgreens is limiting purchases to 3 per customer, saying that the shortage is a result of increased demand and supplier struggles.

5) Georgia, withh its generous $1.2B film tax credit, is weighing a $900m annual cap on the program. Studies have shown programs like these aren’t as economically favorable as once thought, returning 27 cents per dollar invested, on average.

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