What’s beyond veggie burgers? 5 healthy food trends for 2021

5 healthy food trends for 2021

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When 2020 began, none of us could’ve possibly expected we’d be dealing with this much anxiety and stress. 

Combine that with the push in past years towards healthier foods, lifestyles, and shopping habits, and 2021 is shaping up to be the world’s most health-conscious year yet.

We broke down this report from ADM, a global leader in nutrition and partner to some of the world’s biggest and brightest consumer brands, to see what the future holds for our grocery carts. 

Here are 5 things you can expect in the coming year:

  1. Built-In Benefits

Our new favorite word for 2021? Density. 

One of the hottest emerging trends in healthy food is nutrient density — that is, how packed your snacks are with the kinds of vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that will support your immune system and beyond.

ADM’s study revealed 50% of consumers prefer foods that naturally contain beneficial ingredients (like turmeric, Vitamin C, ginger, and spirulina), and that number will only go up as the market for nutrient-dense products continues to expand.

  1. Let’s Get Sustainable

Over two-thirds of consumers want to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions. 

That means people are looking harder at not just what they buy, but who they buy from — including how those companies handle their supply chains, responsibly source ingredients, and operate. 

(If you think that means just not buying almond milk because California doesn’t have a drop of water to spare, think again.)

Savvy consumers in 2021 will look even deeper to ensure companies are using specialized feed to reduce methane emissions in livestock, practice regenerative agriculture, and even use plant-based materials in their packaging.

  1. Out: Dad Bods. In: Gut Biomes

Digestive health issues are a big bloatin’ deal. 

Is 2021 the year we all actually do something about it? Survey says… you betcha.

The gut microbiome is taking center stage when it comes to personal health. Due largely to the crucial role it plays in everything from weight management to immune system support, more and more people are seeking out food and beverages that include prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics (say that 5 times fast) to give their gut the love it deserves. 

  1. Beyond Burgers

No, not literally Beyond Burgers. 

We mean the industry is finally expanding past plant-based patties and into a far wider range of products — like steaks, yogurts, cheeses, shrimp, and more. 

When you think about it, it is kinda weird how much focus we’ve put on meat-free burgers… then again, faux-shellfish might be a tough sell for some. 

But in 2021, expect to see much more diverse options in your local grocery store (whether or not you eat them, we’ll leave up to you). 

  1. Pulling Back The Curtain

Remember what we said before about sustainability? 

Well, transparency is the other side of that coin. 

In 2021, consumers will demand more than ever to see packaging and labels that show the full product life cycle. Locally-sourced products? Cleaner ingredients? Natural alternatives? As much information as companies have, consumers want. 

And while part of us is sad that we can no longer look at labels, not recognize a single word besides “sugar,” and laugh it off, we have to admit it’s nice to know what we’re putting in our bodies. Don’t stop here. Head over to ADM stories to keep learning more.

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