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🙅 The trouble with noncompetes

Plus: Weekend Reads, new dino names, a gator spa, and more.View Online Kyoto University researchers must’ve delivered quite the stump speech, ‘cause they’ve convinced NASA and Japan’s space agency to launch a wooden satellite. Wood from Magnolia trees held up so well in early tests that it’ll get a full orbital test run next year. Don’t knock it till they’ve…

💸 How to land reality TV riches

Plus: Las Vegas’ wedding biz, Grimace’s birthday bash, a coffee tasting wheel, and more.View Online There are millions of reasons why dogs are man’s best friend, but here’s another: They also like snacking because, well, it’s something to do. Two veterinary experts theorize that dogs eat grass because they get bored and gnawing on some lawn linguine passes the time.…

❤️ Need pink paint? Go ask Barbie

Plus: Pickleball’s too loud, the poser acting like the moon, history lookin’ good, and more. You probably think Shaggy’s 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me” glorifies cheating — but you’re wrong. The Jamaican rapper clarified that it’s actually an anti-cheating song, only misunderstood because people don’t listen to the end. Oh. Whoops. In today’s email: Thick as thieves: Retailers’ tricky (but…

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