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EMAILED ON January 11, 2019 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

What a time to be a techie: CES shows us just how weird consumer spending could get

The 6-day tech-xtravaganza that is the 51st Consumer Electronics Show comes to a close today. And, as in years past, we can come to only one conclusion: The future’s gettin’ nutty.

Here are a few of 2019’s wackiest CES gadgets. 

FoodMarble breathalyzer for your digestive system

The AIRE by FoodMarble is an app-connected gadget that is able to analyze the amount of fart in your bloodstream the same way a breathalyzer reads your blood alcohol level.

Essentially, the AIRE measures the gas in your bloodstream to suss out specific foods that don’t jive with your gut, so you can figure out what your body actually wants to eat.

Kohler’s new talking toilet

What could possibly be moreimmersive” than the almighty porcelain throne? Kohler’s new Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet, that’s what.

With built-in speakers, Kohler’s toasty toilet seat design, new “lighting and audio enhancements,” and the voice of Alexa always by your side, private time just got a lot more laughable.

Hyundai’s 4-legged vehicle

Hyundai’s Elevate vehicle is a four-legged, walking automotive concept designed for first responders who navigate terrain like forests, mountains, rock formations, and anywhere else you might catch the Empire patrolling for Ewoks. 

Speaking of, according to the Verge, Hyundai thinks its “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle” would be great for an “interplanetary mission.”

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