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EMAILED ON June 20, 2018 BY Conor Grant

Shrugging off data privacy concerns, Facebook adds video ads to Messenger

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it will add auto-play video advertisements into private Facebook Messenger conversations — just a day after the company’s stock hit an all-time high of $199.58.

The move, which even the most polite users are calling “annoying,” shows that Facebook’s revenue strategy is still heavily ad-focused, and that Cambridge Analytica is merely a distant memory.

People thought advertisers would ditch Facebook… 

In reality, advertisers started spending even more. In spite of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, advertising spending on Facebook increased 62% in the last quarter. 

But to grow ad revenue (which hit $39.9B in 2017) even further, Facebook needed to find new advertising inventory — so it turned to Messenger.

Ch-ch-changes are coming to Facebook

Just not the kinds of changes you expected. Facebook has blitzed Messenger users with static ads for the past 18 months — now, it will add video ads. But the company doesn’t believe the ads will impact the user experience.

The manager of Messenger’s ad business confirmed that user experience remained a “top priority” — telling Quartz it would introduce video ads “gradually and thoughtfully.”

While the move may be unpopular with the masses, it’s unlikely that it will cut into the business’ bottom line — after all, the company’s revenue growth managed to accelerate despite a seemingly catastrophic campaign to #DeleteFacebook.

Because Facebook does whatever it wants… 

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