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EMAILED ON January 18, 2019 BY Conor Grant

Ford plans to ride into the electric future in an F-150 that’s both fuel efficient and badass

Yesterday, Ford announced that it will create all-electric versions of its classic F-series of trucks, including the best-selling F-150.

After announcing last year that it would stop selling all but 2 US car models, Ford’s announcement proves it also has big plans to restructure its truck biz, which alone is worth $70B.

The F-150 is a big F-in’ deal

This isn’t just any truck: The F-150 just happens to be the best-selling vehicle in the US 4 decades running.

But more importantly, the F-series accounts for more than ⅓ of Ford’s sales — and an even higher percentage of its profits.

But so far, production of electric trucks hasn’t accelerated as fast as the production of electric cars — and it’s still unclear how quickly Truck Junkies will follow in the tire tracks of Prius owners.   

Will diehard F-150 fans go electric?

Some of the most popular electric cars are sustainable (Prius) and even stylish (Teslas), but they don’t exactly prioritize the powertrain. 

But Ford says its electric line will deliver both fuel efficiency and power, claiming it will be able to tow 5k pounds and perform as well as diesel and gas trucks.

Ford isn’t the only company working on an electric pickup: The startup Rivian has raised $450m to do the same and expects to start production by 2020. Tesla also claims to have an EV pickup in the works.

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