Goooooooooooaaaaaallllllllllll: Ronaldo’s new team sold $60m in jerseys in the first 24 hours

Juventus sold more than $60m worth of Ronaldo jerseys within the first 24 hours of his signing, and the gifts didn’t stop there.

One of the biggest-name soccer players on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo, just jumped on a one-way train from former team Real Madrid to Juventus — and he’s already making sh*t happen for the Italian football powerhouse.

According to Yahoo Italy (in Italian), the club sold 520k Ronaldo jerseys in the first day of his arrival, netting the premier soccer club $62.4m in revenue.

That’s reportedly almost half of what he signed for

But the Italian club won’t get all of it. As the Independent notes, usually clubs receive only 10-15% of the revenue generated by the kit manufacturer (in Juventus’ case, Adidas).

The club stands to profit only $6m to $9m, which is still nothing to wave a yellow card at, especially when you consider all the other benefits they’ve received since — and even before — his arrival.

The gift that’s gonna keep on giving

The mega-star and his abs signed a deal with Juventus last week for $129.3m, and raised Juventus’ stock almost a full 40% immediately after the news broke that he was considering going to Juventus.

The club also saw a huge social media spike, gaining more than 1.5m new followers in the first day.

The people have a fever, and the only cure is more Ronaldo.

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