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EMAILED ON January 18, 2019 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

SeeTree plants $11.5m in funding to help farmers keep digital tabs on their orchards

SeeTree, a startup that collects data on trees using drones and AI to help farmers manage their orchards, raised an $11.5m Series A yesterday.

Per TechCrunch, this brings the company’s total funding to $15m.

It’s called “precision agriculture,” people!

After decades of barking up the wrong tree trying to perfect precision agriculture, SeeTree has finally developed what it calls “the world’s first intelligence network for trees.”

By using drone imagery, underground sensors, and data samplers on the ground for closer analysis, SeeTree offers “per-tree” data for crop growers to digitally monitor their orchards.

Using the data, farmers can then replace their “underperformers,” AKA trees that suck at being trees.

Step into my office, Tree…

Don’t get your roots in a bunch, it’s not all about ruling greenery with an iron fist. 

Farmers can also map out harvest plans based on each tree’s development stage — and then put those trees on performances improvement plans as needed.

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