With players on strike, women’s professional ice hockey is on thin ice

To protest poor working conditions, a group of 200 pro female hockey players announced plans to boycott the upcoming season.

Female pro hockey players from Canada and the US announced that they would sit out the upcoming season.

Until last week, there were 2 pro women’s hockey leagues in North America: the National Women’s Hockey League (based in the US) and The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (based in — you guessed it — Canada).

But after the CWHL closed last week, 200 players announced they would refuse to play in the NWHL — until it improves working conditions for its players.

Female hockey players are barely skating by

Players in pro women’s hockey don’t have health insurance, and some made as little as $2k per season, making it impossible to play full time.

But now, united under the banner of a hashtag (#ForTheGame), the best hockey-playing women in the world are insisting that women should not accept less than $25k to play professionally.

Some critics are calling upon the NHL to intervene to help keep women on the ice this coming season.

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