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It’s not a calling, vocation, or anything that dramatic. There wasn’t a parting of the heavens or an omniscient voice declaring it was our life’s purpose to summarize the news, making it bite-sized, fun, and easy to understand. Nahhh… We like to think of it more like a charge. A charge against reading the same boring sh*t on blog after blog, hearing the same weak takes on important topics, and seeing ourselves, friends, family, and colleagues either uninformed or apathetic about all the interesting stuff happening around us. A charge means you’re pissed off about the status quo (yeah, we said status quo) and feel the urge to take matters into your own hands in order to move forward. Something you go to bed thinking about and wake up the next day ready to take on the world. A feeling that… ah, you get the point.

Bottom line is that our mission at The Hustle is to keep you informed through a daily email, highlighting a handful of topical stories and adding perspective and color to make it easy to understand. So, if you’re fed up with traditional media and ready to try something new, join our charge and the hundreds of thousands of others who believe what you believe. We’d love to have you on board.

Wait… an email? You betcha, an old school, inbox-cluttering freakin’ email.

Our signature product is a daily email that’s changing how young professionals consume news. Each morning we send users the news they need to start their day. Using our bold, irreverent, and authentic voice, The Hustle cuts through all the nonsense out there and concisely tells users what they need to know and how it impacts them.

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Tim Chen
Founder and CEO of NerdWallet

Tim Ferriss
Author, blogger, podcaster, investor, entrepreneur

Stewart Alsop
Co-Founder and Partner of Alsop Louie Partners

Leo Resig
Co-Founder and CEO of theCHIVE and Resignation Media

Scott Belsky
Former Co-Founder and CEO of Behance, Venture Partner at Benchmark

Transmedia Capital
Advises and funds early stage, capital efficient companies

Matthew Brimer
Co-Founder of General Assembly and DAYBREAKER

John Battelle
Co-Founder and CEO of NewCo

Dave Nemetz
Founder and CEO of Inverse, formerly Co-Founder of Bleacher Report

David Hauser
Co-Founder of Grasshopper and Chargify

Jacob Gibson
Co-Founder of NerdWallet

Joe Speiser
Co-Founder and CEO of Little Things

Ramit Sethi
Founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Social Starts
Venture capital partnership with a focus on companies that leverage social and mobile technologies

Tucker Max
Author, Founder of Book in a Box

Neville Medhora
Founder of Kopywriting Kourse

Sieva Kozinsky
Co-Founder and CEO of StudySoup

Ricky Wong
Senior Investment Manager at Sinovation Ventures

Narenda Rocherolle
Founder and CEO of Threefold Photos

Jonah Goodhart
Co-Founder and CEO of Moat

Kevin Lee
Venture Investor at FundersClub

Bhaskar Ghosh
VP of Engineering at NerdWallet

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