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So, who reads The Hustle?

Glad you asked. Let’s start with the high-level stats:


10.4m+ monthly inbox impressions
1.1M+ active email subscribers
45% industry-crushing daily open rate*
66 average net promoter score
* Average open rate for Media and Publishing is 22.14% according to Smart Insights (updated February 2018)


80% under the age of 44
52/48 male/female
29% earn more than $100k annually
MOST work for emerging, fast-growing businesses
68% are primary decision makers

New York City
San Francisco
Los Angeles


“Working with the crew over at The Hustle has been one of the most enjoyable partnerships we’ve had. Aside from the perfectly seamless working relationship, their editorial team truly works wonders on the content they produce — seriously, I get asked on a weekly basis when our next Hustle inclusion is dropping. Plus, who doesn’t love super-engaged audiences and consistently hitting 2.5x ROAS?”


“Every AE at Grow looks forward to demonstrations with leads from The Hustle, nearly every one turns into a qualified sales opportunity. The Hustle has been a great outlet for connecting with some of our best clients. The writers at The Hustle do such a great job with their descriptions of our product that our team has started using their lines on our calls.”


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Tell us what you need