AirPods have gotten a ton of hype recently. But do they actually live up to it? Yes. Wholeheartedly yes. And they make for one of the best gifts of 2017.

November 30, 2017

the story

You’ve seen these. You know what they are. So, why haven’t you gotten them yet? We guess that’s because they look kind of lame. But after using these bad boys for a few months, we’ve determined that the AirPods are Apple’s best, most ground breaking product since the first iPhone.

why we like it

Intuitive. That’s the best word to describe the AirPods. It takes literally 5 seconds after opening the box to get them working.

The pods come in a small charging box. Flip the box’s lid open, turn your phone on, and the AirPods automatically sync, making for a super simple and fast setup.

So, how do they sound?

Well, exactly like the last generation of wired Apple earbuds. That’s not a slight, though. Apple’s basic headphones sound perfectly fine. Better than fine for most daily users in fact. But don’t expect the AirPods to sound any different than the wired Apple headphones you’re used too; you’ll be disappointed.

Of all the wireless headphones on the market, the AirPods are hands down the best out there.

the competition

For Android users, AirPods will still work. In many cases, the pods work as well as they do with Apple products.

Because the AirPods use Bluetooth, you shouldn’t have any problems using them on non-Apple products. That said, Apple is notoriously finicky and there’s still a risk of difficulties as the AirPods are designed with Apple products (and only Apple products) in mind.

Also, the sound quality isn’t the best part of the AirPods — it’s the ease of use. So, if you’re looking for wireless headphones that sound better than the AirPods, go with the Sennheiser HD1’s. Or if you want some really affordable (under $40) wireless headphones, the Photive BTH3 are wonderful.

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