Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

High-tech for low-budget gifters. This tablet is a total package and makes a great gift for any Amazon fanboy. Did we mention it’s like, super affordable?

December 1, 2017

the story

Bezos gave his blessing and the Fire 7 Tablet was forged from the volcanic ash of Barnes & Noble and discarded Whole Foods aprons. Yes, it’s a full-fledged tablet for $50.

why we like it

For the price, you get some pretty solid specs.

The Fire 7’s battery life comes in at around 8 hours. The screen resolution is a bearable 1024 X 600. And the internal memory of 8gb or 16gb is expandable up to 256gb with a microSD port — take that Apple.

Specs aside, the functionality is where this tablet really shines. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s fantastic. Movies, TV shows, books, even magazines are all free with the Prime membership.

We especially liked this tablet for traveling. It’s cheap enough to not worry about it getting damaged or stolen, and Amazon makes it easy to download movies and shows to view offline or at 30,000ft.

the competition

So, yeah, it’s a $50 tablet. You will immediately realize, it’s a $50 tablet.

We won’t sugar coat it: the body is plastic and gets scuffed easily. And while the resolution is good for videos, it makes reading for long periods of time impossible. We won’t even mention the camera — it’s flip phone bad.

The new Apple iPad ($329) would be a huge upgrade in both speed, build, camera, and UI, but we’d argue that the cheaper, plastic-bodied Fire 7 is more durable and the benefits for Prime members are pretty awesome. And that price…

Another alternative you could consider is the higher-end Fire HD 10 ($150). A hundred dollars more gets you a bigger, higher-res screen, faster processor, and slightly more battery-life.

Overall though, it’s hard to beat the Fire 7 for the price, especially if you’re a Prime member looking to dip your toe in the “tablet” thing.

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