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EMAILED ON October 11, 2017 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Amazon wants to get in your trunks

The lord of ecommerce is reportedly in talks to partner with Phrame, a maker of a “smart” license plate frame that serves as a storage-box for car keys. The tech would allow delivery drivers access to your car’s trunk so packages can be securely left behind.

But wait! There’s more! Amazon is also developing a smart doorbell device that could give delivery drivers one-time access to a person’s home to drop off a package.

Neither Amazon nor Phrame have confirmed this yet…

But the timing does seem right: last month, their arch nemesis, Walmart, announced they were working on the same concept with smart home technology company, August.

Walmart’s move is geared towards the delivery of groceries — but let’s be honest: like Amazon, they want it all.

Something’s gotta give (or maybe it doesn’t)

Lost and stolen packages are a huge problem for delivery services, and as per usual, Amazon wants to change the status quo.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon has also been testing a new delivery service that could reduce overcrowding in its factory warehouses by bringing two-day Prime shipping to more of its products.

While we’re not sure how to feel about the ol’ home invasion method, these reports suggest Amazon is doubling down on refining the intricate issues of the industry-wide delivery process.

And also, cuz, like, Walmart’s doing it. Sooooo.

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