Anker PowerCore

A battery perfected. When that screen in your pocket needs a second life, Anker’s got the juice. The PowerCore from Anker packs a shocking 20100mAh of capacity -- or in layman's terms: it can charge your phone 5 times without breaking a sweat.

the story

Founded by ex-googler Steven Yang, Anker is obsessed with keeping all the smart devices in your life at full charge. Yang originally wanted to make quality replacement laptop batteries, but quickly shifted focus over to portable battery chargers. In no time, Anker became the industry leader in portable chargers and has since diversified their product offering into five consumer electronic brands.

why we like it

This one’s easy. If you’ve ever been to a music festival, camping, traveling, or ceremonial summer day-drink and ran out of cellphone battery, you know the pain of digital isolation. Maybe it’s a welcome retreat, but chances are, your phone always dies in the worst possible moment — call it the Murphy’s Law of connectivity.

The Anker PowerCore is there for you when you need it most. Packing 20100mAh of portable, unfiltered li-ion energy, it’s capable of charging smartphones and tablets over six times.

What sold us on the Anker PowerCore was the quality, number of charges, and just how lightweight the thing is. It’s something you could throw in a backpack and carry with you all the time without noticing.

Plus, there’s Anker’s PowerIQ technology, which detects the connected device and automatically optimizes the current to charge the device as fast as possible. If you’ve ever used other cheap portable chargers, you’ll know the pain of sluggish charging times. With Anker, it’s just speed, speed, and more speed.

So, what you get is less wait… more juiceee.

the competition

Look, there’s a ton of portable chargers out there. They either charge your phone halfway and die, or just crap out on you when you need them most.

There’s a reason the Anker PowerCore pulls a 4.6/5 with 11k reviews on Amazon. It’s the best.

But if you’re on a budget and don’t need something with as much battery capacity, the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is a fantastic choice. You’ll only get one recharge, but it’s made from durable aluminum and sooo small.

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