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When asked if a good team, product, or a strong market is most correlated with a successful startup, the billionaire startup investor Marc Andreessen did not waver:

“The market is the most important factor in a startup’s success or failure,” he said.

“The market pulls product out of the startup,” he went on. “The market needs to be fulfilled, and the market will be fulfilled, by the first viable product that comes along.”

Readers of The Hustle get to try Trends for just $249. This price includes full access to our content, databases, forum, and community. In fact, as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. Sign up for Trends here

Billionaire investor Marc Andreessen

I thought about the above story constantly before starting The Hustle.

I spent months researching different industries, interviewing experts and business owners and putting together massive databases that showed various growth signals so I could increase my chance of success.

I explored loads of different ideas. Everything!

Documenting my research along the way, I ended up with a library of deeply interesting insights that deconstructed various industries and companies.

Eventually, this research convinced me to start The Hustle. For those of you who are new here, The Hustle (aka this blog you’re reading) is my 30-person company in San Francisco. Each morning we give +1,000,000 people the business news and analysis they need to know about.

But as we’ve grown we’ve started to create more products for our 1,000,000 person audience.

And so, we did the same thing I did years ago: researched different ideas, interviewed experts, and talked to our current customers.

Then it hit us…what if we made our research the product?

And that, my friend, is Trends, our new premium publication that analyzes the fastest-growing startup trends.

The goal of Trends is simple: To help you stay on top of new business ideas and under-the-radar business trends so you can pounce on them.

So, who’s this for?

  • Anyone looking for an edge, but doesn’t have 1000s of hours to research growing markets
  • Those who want to build or invest in great companies, but don’t have access to industry insiders or the expensive tools to assess market opportunities
  • Anyone who wants a behind-the-scenes look at how fast-growing startups operate, their financials, and more

OK, cool… so how does Trends work?

We’ve hired a team of journalists, entrepreneurs, and data scientists to crawl millions of data points and interview industry leaders to find gaps in the market.

Each week we send an email that deconstructs interesting startups and business trends and provides access to proprietary databases that track where business is headed.

We’ve also created a private community for subscribers and the people we interview, where entrepreneurs and experts pick apart ideas and discuss the merits of others’ strategies.

Additionally, we’ve also built different databases for you to sort through.

For example, our Small Business Database, has over 500 business owners who told us how much revenue their company makes, how they started it, how much profit it makes, how fast it’s growing, and more.

After you sign up you’ll get access to our past reports, database, and private community where we host Q+As with founders and collaborate on ideas.

Do I get special pricing because I’m a loyal reader of The Hustle?

Yes. You do.

Readers of The Hustle get special pricing of $249 for full access. We do not intend to do a discount ever again. In fact, as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. So, try it out today!

Invest in yourself — and your future… see you on the other side:

Readers of The Hustle get insider pricing of $249. Act now because as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. Sign up for Trends here

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How'd Bezos build a billion dollar empire?

In 1994, Jeff Bezos discovered a shocking stat: Internet usage grew 2,300% per year.

Data shows where markets are headed.

And that’s why we built Trends — to show you up-and-coming market opportunities about to explode. Interested?