Apple unveils a heart-tracking watch alongside heart-stopping prices
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Apple unveils a heart-tracking watch alongside heart-stopping prices

Apple’s annual product reveal featured a new line of bigger, pricier phones and a redesigned watch that wants to save your life.

At its annual iPhone fun-fest in Cupertino yesterday, Apple unveiled a new line of expensive iPhones and a redesigned, health-conscious Watch. 

Bigger, brighter, and pricier

Apple’s newest iPhone — the oxymoronically named “XS Max” — is the Macmakers’ biggest smartphone yet, measuring up at 6.5 inches across and $1,099 deep (into your wallet, that is).

The Max’s siblings also have XS-ive price points (the XS at $999 and the XR at $749) — all predictably more expensive than last year’s new phones.

Apple’s annual price increases have become a rite of passage — testament to the company’s powerful brand that keeps people coming back for more, even if it means taking out a second mortgage.

Wearable companies better Watch out

Apple also unveiled its new Series 4 Watch — a bigger, faster $399 piece of wrist-candy with a built-in EKG that monitors heart rate. The new heart-monitor feature positions Apple’s watches as potential lifesavers, not mere exercise aids.

And, Apple’s entry into the health-wearable game raised some heart rates for competitors: Fitbit’s stock dropped more than 6% in response to the announcement.

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