Ben Berkley
Managing Editor, The Hustle, The Hustle

Cooling the planet is as easy as putting an umbrella on an asteroid and blocking out the sun

The sun is gonna keep boring a hole through our souls, but an ambitious idea to soften the blow is progressing.

Ben Berkley • August 7, 2023
people looking at phones

Can social media actually drive social good? Guess we’ll find out

Roar Social wants to turn social media into an impactful engine for good causes — and a fun one at that.

Ben Berkley • August 2, 2023
head in a toilet

The internet, capital of nonsense, is somehow getting weirder

Creators are making some strange, strange stuff — and it’s unbelievable how well it’s working.

Ben Berkley • August 1, 2023
baseball card

Why collectibles dweebs (and big brands) are flooding Chicago right now

The National is collectors’ biggest event of the year, with more than just cards on the table (it’s money; lots of it).

Ben Berkley • July 28, 2023
theme park

Anyone can announce a $2B theme park — building it is another story

A proposed theme park in Oklahoma faces a tough opponent: business realities.

Ben Berkley • July 25, 2023
Linda Yaccarino

Can you name someone with a harder job than Linda Yaccarino? We can’t

The new CEO of Tw — uh, X — takes on antsy advertisers, angry users, and a capricious boss.

Ben Berkley • July 25, 2023
two robots

WormGPT is ChatGPT, but evil — how much should it worry you?

It’s a great day to start the war against chatbots designed to help cybercriminals.

Ben Berkley • July 19, 2023

Are your pigs overheating? There’s an app for that

HotHog is here to help your heat-stressed hogs.

Ben Berkley • July 18, 2023

Digits: Messi nets billions, Coca-Cola’s can-don’t attitude, and more newsy numbers

Plus: Threads’ gain is also Threads’ gain and Chipotle slices its avocado prep time.

Ben Berkley • July 17, 2023
Super Bowl ad prices over time

Gone in 30 seconds: a whopping $6.5m

Networks can name any Super Bowl ad price; advertisers are bound to pay up.

Ben Berkley • July 17, 2023

The push to make space launches ‘dumber’

Longshot and SpinLaunch both want to make space more affordable. Can they pull it off?

Ben Berkley • July 12, 2023
hot dogs

Hot dogs are making their stand

You don’t have to go all Joey Chestnut to take advantage of National Hot Dog Month.

Ben Berkley • July 11, 2023

Your next driverless car trip may, aptly, be quite trippy

Halo.Car is testing its car-sharing service, which employs remote pilots to deliver cars to users’ front doors.

Ben Berkley • July 10, 2023
Satoshi Nakamoto

How do we not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

The identity of bitcoin’s inventor remains elusive, even on today’s internet.

Ben Berkley • July 6, 2023

Your dog eats bugs for free, but now you can spend money on it

Pet bellies are the first wave of a sustainable movement.

Ben Berkley • July 5, 2023
drone display

Catch a fireworks show last night? Cherish it before the drones take over

Every summer, a few more cities ditch fireworks for safer, environmentally friendly drone shows.

Ben Berkley • July 5, 2023
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones inched archaeology forward, but tech is bringing the big leaps

Archaeology may not be like the movies, but it’s getting more advanced by the minute.

Ben Berkley • June 29, 2023
doctor reviewing scans

An opportunity to send your medical anxieties to a whole new level

Prenuvo “turns healthcare upside down” with “proactive screening for peace of mind,” per Prenuvo.

Ben Berkley • June 28, 2023
bot and human hand forming a heart

AI’s permeating every other part of your life, so why not your love life?

Dating was never safe from the AI revolution.

Ben Berkley • June 27, 2023
Dr. John B. Goodenough

The legacy of this late Nobel-winning chemist deserves a plug

Dr. John B. Goodenough, humble creator of the lithium-ion battery, dies at 100.

Ben Berkley • June 27, 2023
goat auction

Just what nobody’s been asking for: Another metaverse offering

A new way to metaverse would’ve been right on time a few years ago.

Ben Berkley • June 21, 2023
Anna remote worker

Is Anna actually what the future of remote work looks like?

A 3D model representing the remote worker of the future is a little much.

Ben Berkley • June 20, 2023

Who runs the world? We’re increasingly convinced it’s Beyoncé

Queen Bey’s sphere of influence now includes Swedish economic figures.

Ben Berkley • June 16, 2023

The creator economy goes boom, and not in the good way

If your startup serves influencers, you may want to update your resume.

Ben Berkley • June 15, 2023
McCormick spices

AI Was Behind Your Honey Hickory BBQ Rub All This Time

Flavoring giant McCormick & Co. capably plays the part of tech company.

Ben Berkley • June 14, 2023

The event that sold a $40m steel spider wants to broaden its appeal

Top art fair Art Basel is primed for growth.

Ben Berkley • June 13, 2023

What’s Sergey Brin been up to? Look up and you’ll soon find out

Brin’s LTA (which stands for “Lighter Than Air”) wants to bring back airships. Yes, really.

Ben Berkley • June 13, 2023
summer camps

This summer, at band camp, we got a reverse mortgage

Add summer camp to the list of things that require a whole lot of cash.

Ben Berkley • June 12, 2023
Apple Vison Pro

Why Apple is betting big on Vision Pro: Because it can

Apple swaggers into VR with the confidence of the world’s richest company.

Ben Berkley • June 6, 2023

Fixing your childhood starts at $216/day

Adults can also attend Space Camp, the final frontier in healing one’s inner child.

Ben Berkley • June 6, 2023

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