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increase in skilled trade program enrollment

Degrees of separation: As college enrollment drops, trade school sign-ups rise

Six figures of debt and no job? Minimal debt and a job with an above-median salary? The latter’s appeal is growing.

Ben Berkley • April 23, 2023
Taco Bell sign

Taco Bell’s innovation team could probably solve all the world’s woes if we asked them to

One doesn’t simply stumble into creating a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme.

Ben Berkley • April 19, 2023

Is egg freezing ready for a high-tech upgrade?

A startup hopes its delicate automations can improve an error-prone manual industry.

Ben Berkley • April 17, 2023

It’s a pretty great time to get a PhD in AI

Companies are promising riches to lure top young minds in AI out of academia.

Ben Berkley • April 16, 2023

As material costs go rogue, will recycling old buildings go in vogue?

Could used building materials save the construction industry from stratospheric new material costs?

Ben Berkley • April 13, 2023
laser zapping weeds

Why pull weeds when you can zap them with AI-powered lasers?

An agtech startup hopes farmers find salvation in its high-tech, weed-eliminating machine.

Ben Berkley • April 12, 2023
fortune cookie

AI Roundup: Guessing passwords, conjuring images out of peoples’ minds, and… writing fortune cookies?

The latest in AI’s awesome and outright terrifying climb toward world domination.

Ben Berkley • April 12, 2023
golfing with a phone

Phone bans often putter out, but this one may be forever

Every April, the Masters is the biggest show in golf, but there’s not a cellphone in sight.

Ben Berkley • April 5, 2023
Clubhouse logo

Clubhouse outlasted its copycats — but should keep the Champagne on ice

Meta, Spotify, and Reddit are all retreating from social audio, and it’s hard to blame them.

Ben Berkley • April 4, 2023
throwing away a stapler

Tale of the tape: Google dispenses with office supplies

Time to add another workplace acronym to your glossary: BYOS — Bring Your Own Stapler.

Ben Berkley • April 4, 2023
private tech boards by gender

Private companies’ boards still suck at gender diversity

Pioneering women across the world are making gains — there just aren’t enough of them being invited to the table.

Ben Berkley • April 3, 2023
yacht operating costs

Yacht shopping is a good time — but just the start of the expense

Want an on-water Hyatt Regency? Great. Don’t forget about the operating costs.

Ben Berkley • March 27, 2023
TikTok with U.S. and Chinese flags

Even more than usual, all eyes are on TikTok today

The app’s years-long national security drama with the US government is coming to a head.

Ben Berkley • March 23, 2023

The weight loss injection craze is just getting started

Drugs like Ozempic and Mounjaro are already hot on social media. Production is only now ramping up.

Ben Berkley • March 22, 2023
women playing basketball

Women’s basketball: Winning eyeballs and landing windfalls

The NCAA and WNBA are turning increased exposure into financial momentum.

Ben Berkley • March 21, 2023
Disney+ price hike

Price increase? Disney fans are nonplussed

Very few Disney+ subscribers blinked when streaming prices sharply increased.

Ben Berkley • March 20, 2023
Barnes & Noble storefront

Books are burning — in the good way

After years of scrapping for survival, Barnes & Noble is expanding.

Ben Berkley • March 19, 2023

Why Meta’s ‘leaner is better’ feels extra contagious

Big Tech org charts aren’t the only thing getting flattened.

Ben Berkley • March 15, 2023

The next frontier in facial-recognition tech: Not stealing dead people’s pics, ideally

A face-search engine scraping obit photos shows off the lawless land of post-mortem privacy.

Ben Berkley • March 13, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank is toast. Who else risks getting burned?

Will the collapse of this startup-favored firm launch another banking meltdown? Looking like a no… so far.

Ben Berkley • March 13, 2023

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