Brad Wolverton
Head of Content, The Hustle

Summer jobs that inspired entrepreneurs

We heard lots tales of successful lawn-care businesses, car washes, and even one young entrepreneur who made money selling CDs of animal sounds to hunters.

Brad Wolverton • July 17, 2020

Alexa, meet Siri: Silicon Valley heavyweights join hands to make your smart home smarter

Three of the biggest tech companies announced plans to help make your smart home smarter. But can they really make all your devices sync?

Brad Wolverton • December 19, 2019

Why it pays to compliment the chef, and other takeaways from the anything-as-a-service economy

Software-as-a-service has become Silicon Valley code for make recurring revenue in global markets while helping consumers get cheaper services. Now, everyone wants to be an as-a-service player.

Brad Wolverton • November 28, 2019

Where in the world is Steph? This intrepid analyst digs the digital nomad life

Our correspondent Steph Smith has lived and worked in more than 50 countries the past 2 years. She’s capturing business trends from around the globe for The Hustle team.

Brad Wolverton • November 28, 2019

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