Emily Kelley
Contributor, The Hustle

Newly released tuition and salary data reveals just how much (or how little) your top-dollar education is worth

Colleges are for the first time disclosing student starting salaries vs. debt, by program and degree. You could make six figures with a biz degree from Bismarck State College -- way more than some elite schools.

Emily Kelley • November 25, 2019

Rollin’ toward new homies: Upstart talent agency promises to pair you with better jobs in new cities

This startup is trying to sell you a 30% raise. What’s the catch? Well, it’s also going to take 10% of your income for the next 3 years -- and ask you to move to a city that you’re not allowed to choose.

Emily Kelley • November 22, 2019

Marie Kondo messes with our heads by announcing new line of closet clutter — errr, lifestyle products

Marie Kondo pulls a bait-and-switch by offering a new lifestyle product line after persuading us to purge our material possessions.

Emily Kelley • November 20, 2019

What’s up, Doc? Google doubles down on patient data in partnership with Ascension

Google continues making plays for big patient data in partnership with Ascension

Emily Kelley • November 13, 2019

Amazon continues to take over the planet, one banana bunch at a time

Amazon announces free 2-hour Fresh food delivery as it fights to dominate the burgeoning online grocery market.

Emily Kelley • October 30, 2019

No one asked about your skin care routine: The waning influence of mega-influencers

In light of growing consumer disillusionment and unimpressive ROI, marketers are shifting their social media focus towards more authentic, niche representatives.

Emily Kelley • October 23, 2019

Threat of violence stifles Mexico’s promising startup scene

Faced with fears of extortion and violence, Mexican entrepreneurs tend to avoid publicity. Unfortunately, the trade-off for security is stunted growth in an economy in need of stimulation and stability.

Emily Kelley • October 21, 2019

The cornbread kingpin strikes again, as Cracker Barrel acquires Maple Street Biscuit

Cracker Barrel bought Maple Street Biscuit Co. for $36m, the latest in a series of investments.

Emily Kelley • October 16, 2019

Don’t you quarry ‘bout a thing: Residents protest the rise in resource mines in their ‘hoods

Quarries are crucial for city and suburban expansion, but -- this just in -- no one wants to live next to a bunch of broken rocks. Groundbreaking.

Emily Kelley • October 14, 2019

The ‘Era of Innovation?’ Not exactly: Western business dynamism has actually been dwindling for decades 

Despite today’s buzz about disruptive startups and innovation, studies show that entrepreneurship and innovation have been on the decline for decades.

Emily Kelley • October 9, 2019

Take me to bunky town: Rich homeowners are investing in custom home-protection features

Rich homeowners are raising the roof… and inserting flood-proof insulation

Emily Kelley • October 7, 2019

Hold yer hoodies: Research shows workers don’t love the super casual workplace

Amidst the beanbag chairs and foosball tables, studies show that most workers don’t actually want the super casual workplace.

Emily Kelley • October 2, 2019

Fighting Fidos: The latest entry in the growing home security market

The company Harrison K-9 sells “executive protection dogs” for all of your home protection needs… but these tough little furballs will cost you.

Emily Kelley • September 30, 2019

FTC calls out Match.com for playing games with our hearts… and wallets

FTC aims to put a love lockdown on Match.com and its questionable tactics

Emily Kelley • September 27, 2019

Here comes bubble: French company plans to introduce ‘flying’ water taxis

French startup SeaBubbles is testing its new waterway ride-sharing service.

Emily Kelley • September 25, 2019

Paying a premium for nostalgia: Streaming services drop big bucks on old-school TV shows  

The race is on to win the streaming content market, and streaming giants are dropping serious dough on old-school content -- but is it worth it?

Emily Kelley • September 20, 2019

Ohh sheet: Casper aims to make your dreams a bit sweeter with CBD gummy bears

Casper dreams of leading a sleep-as-a-lifestyle movement with rollout of CBD-infused sleep gummies.

Emily Kelley • September 18, 2019

The numbers are in… and Broadway’s back, baybeee

Broadway’s box-office stats are through the roof thanks to revamped tourism and increased variety.

Emily Kelley • May 31, 2019

Say hello to the world’s most expensive drug, courtesy of Novartis

FDA approval of the world’s most expensive drug sparks hope for SMA patients... and debate over healthcare costs.

Emily Kelley • May 30, 2019

Sofar Sounds raises $25m — but will performers see any dough?

The startup Sofar Sounds, which hosts small concerts in people’s homes, raised $25m -- but the artists powering the platform often take home just $100 per show.

Emily Kelley • May 23, 2019

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop goes after the guys

Lifestyle empire Goop targets men with new wellness podcast and other male-focused content

Emily Kelley • May 21, 2019

Startups are scrambling to crack the formula for the perfect egg substitute

Egg replacement startups are competing fiercely to mimic the success of meat substitutes.

Emily Kelley • May 21, 2019

The aftermath of #MeToo is making new barriers for women in the workplace

In response to the #metoo movement, a growing number of male managers are uncomfortable mentoring female colleagues -- highlighting the frustrating, paradoxical path of progress.

Emily Kelley • May 20, 2019

Daimler AG takes its foot off the gas with big plans to go carbon neutral

The Mercedes-Benz owner has announced plans to have a fully carbon-neutral fleet of passenger cars by 2039.

Emily Kelley • May 17, 2019

PepsiCo ‘Lay’s’ down its lawsuit against Indian potato farmers

Power to the potatoes: After accusing subsistence farmers in India of growing its patented potatoes, PepsiCo has dropped its lawsuit.

Emily Kelley • May 15, 2019

Academic research funding contracts allow Coca-Cola to ‘can’ damaging health studies

Report reveals that Coca-Cola’s academic research funding would allow it to kill studies it didn’t like.

Emily Kelley • May 9, 2019

Sinclair shows Disney the money with giant sports network purchase

TV broadcasting giant Sinclair will buy 21 of Disney’s regional sports networks in a $10B deal.

Emily Kelley • May 6, 2019

North to the future: Alaska’s brand new fiber-optic network give its state motto new meaning

MTA announces plans to build Alaska’s first fiber-optic connection to the contiguous US

Emily Kelley • May 2, 2019

That’s gotta Hertz: The rental company is suing consulting giant Accenture over a big-time website design fail

Hertz rental company is suing the consulting giant Accenture for doing a terrible job with their website redesign.

Emily Kelley • April 30, 2019

Illinois is rolling the dice with plans to bring riverboat gambling to dry land

Illinois might be going all in on its gambling industry, with casino expansion and state-sanctioned sport betting.

Emily Kelley • April 26, 2019

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