Jacob Cohen
Contributing Writer, The Hustle
ESPN subscribers by year

On Bob Iger’s to-do list: Fix ESPN, TV, Pixar, and more

Think your to-do list is packed? Try running a ~$158B entertainment conglomerate.

Jacob Cohen • August 8, 2023
Beyond Meat stock price over time

Investors in search of greener pastures look to lab-grown meat

Plus: Restaurants are sick of you bailing on reservations, Pixar’s big rebound, and more.

Jacob Cohen • August 7, 2023

Digits: Airbnb’s mixed review from Wall Street, and more newsy numbers

Plus: Restaurants are sick of you bailing on reservations, Pixar’s big rebound, and more.

Jacob Cohen • August 7, 2023
data center water usage over time

Big Tech’s thirst for AI dominance may bring literal thirst for everyone else

By 2030, data centers may consume 450m gallons of water — every single day.

Jacob Cohen • August 4, 2023

Brrring back the deals: Will the IPO and M&A markets warm up again?

A strange economy has made for strange deal-making times.

Jacob Cohen • August 1, 2023
rat sightings NYC over time

NYC’s pricey rodent revolt may finally be working

Investments are up and complaints are down, but rats aren’t going down easy.

Jacob Cohen • July 31, 2023
Number of Turo hosts over time

Can’t Airbnb the house? How ’bout the car, its roof, its headrest, your parking spot…

Nowadays, your car can be a business with multiple revenue streams. Whether it should be is another discussion.

Jacob Cohen • July 28, 2023
grocery cart

Grocers are spending more on bits and bites

Grocery stores are investing more and more in tech (but not VR, thankfully).

Jacob Cohen • July 27, 2023
5-year stock performance of streaming companies

So, can we stop calling it ‘the streaming wars’ now?

The “streaming struggles” may be more accurate.

Jacob Cohen • July 25, 2023

Digits: Cirque du Soleil’s next act, and other newsy numbers

Plus: Digits related to fragrances, schvitzing, fragrances and schvitzing, oh, and meteorites.

Jacob Cohen • July 24, 2023
search interest for how to leave work early

On the job from nine to five… or is it four?

Data suggest office workers are signing off earlier.

Jacob Cohen • July 21, 2023

Meta’s latest metamorphosis is a mixed bag

Meta’s trying to be cool again. The results are mixed.

Jacob Cohen • July 18, 2023
dollar store shopping by income group

Wealthier Americans are splurging — at dollar stores

Saving money, the great unifier.

Jacob Cohen • July 14, 2023
Nike and S&P performance over time

Nike looks to clear some hurdles and hit its stride

Navigating a new era in sneakers may not be as easy as “just doing it.”

Jacob Cohen • July 11, 2023
Air conditioners in use globally

The cool air conditioning businesses keeping the economy from melting

The world is about to crank up the AC. Companies are looking to ride the trend — and refine it.

Jacob Cohen • July 10, 2023

Digits: Tens of millions still Skype — yes, Skype — and other newsy numbers

Plus: Bubble bubbles, asphalt rumbles, and TikTok juggles.

Jacob Cohen • July 10, 2023
per capita consumption of beef and chicken

Holy cow, we’re eating a lot of chicken

Americans are increasingly wingin’ it. What’s that mean for the beef business?

Jacob Cohen • July 7, 2023

Some tech workers are embracing pay cuts — and Canada

Tired? Fired? It may be time for poutine.

Jacob Cohen • July 5, 2023

How IMAX keeps reeling in the big bucks

The company is so popular, even Tom Cruise can’t get in on the action.

Jacob Cohen • June 30, 2023
boxes of orange produced by year

Orange you glad you’re not in the orange industry right now?

From Florida’s farmers to everyday consumers, people are feeling the pain.

Jacob Cohen • June 26, 2023
wedding cake topper

Digits: 7-figure weddings, the IRS on a roll, and more newsy numbers

Plus: Couples say “I dough,” the IRS checks off its to-do list, and Squarespace aims to master its domain.

Jacob Cohen • June 26, 2023
big tech offices

After years of building pricey playgrounds, Big Tech recalibrates

Major building plans are on pause, but banana stands are a go.

Jacob Cohen • June 23, 2023
Pixar box office earnings

Pixar’s box office mojo is out of its element

Pixar’s oxygen supply runs thin.

Jacob Cohen • June 20, 2023
teen labor force participation over time

Summer gains: The teen job market is beefing back up

Looking to scoop ice cream this summer? It’ll pay off for you.

Jacob Cohen • June 16, 2023
Roku subscribers using subtitles

The world’s subtitle use is speaking volumes

With more viewers watching TV with subtitles, closed captioning startups are open for business.

Jacob Cohen • June 13, 2023

Climbing the corporate ladder? More like scaling the noncompete wall

The battle against noncompetes in the workforce is heating up.

Jacob Cohen • June 9, 2023
Vita Coco stock

Coconut water quenching investors’ thirst for gains

Vita Coco, once limited to health food stores, aims for the mainstream.

Jacob Cohen • June 6, 2023

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