Jacob Cohen
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Digits: Steel prices, iPhone apps, oil pipelines, SNL ads, and more

95% of iPhone users said “no” to app tracking while 5k miles of oil pipelines were hit by a cyber attack.

Jacob Cohen • May 10, 2021

Swimply, ‘Airbnb for pools,’ just raised $10m with plans for courts, theaters, and gyms

Bunim Laskin found his first customers using Google Maps. Today, Swimply sees 15-20k reservations a month.

Jacob Cohen • May 7, 2021

Time to take jetpacks seriously? Just ask the British Royal Navy

Jetpacks are finally finding their place in the world, starting with the military.

Jacob Cohen • May 6, 2021

Just-in-time auto manufacturing is having a rough time

Auto manufacturers use just-in-time manufacturing to run their assembly lines. But nothing is running on time.

Jacob Cohen • May 5, 2021

Etsy is doing really well. It’s also selling some truly weird stuff

An investigation found miracle cures and medieval weaponry are selling on Etsy. The company is working hard to change that.

Jacob Cohen • May 4, 2021

Forget AI Tom Cruise, experts are worried about deepfake satellites

Deepfakes can be hilarious. They can also be dangerous. Now, geographers are concerned.

Jacob Cohen • April 30, 2021

YouTube is an unstoppable beast, thanks to a wardrobe malfunction and a 9-year-old toy critic

YouTube is hotter than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. Without Janet Jackson, it may have never existed.

Jacob Cohen • April 29, 2021

All-electric pickups are almost here

Auto manufacturers are kicking their EV production into high gear.

Jacob Cohen • April 28, 2021

Food is having a moment right now

New food tech, VC funding, and product developments are coming hot off the (sandwich) press.

Jacob Cohen • April 27, 2021

Lakers star Kyle Kuzma and former NBA trainer Bar Malik launch Barcode, a ‘healthy Gatorade’ brand

The NBA player-trainer duo crafted a super-healthy drink that athletes love.

Jacob Cohen • April 23, 2021

Apple’s latest hardware push, explained

Apple has been ramping up its hardware offerings. Here’s why.

Jacob Cohen • April 22, 2021

Home fitness startups are getting buff

The pandemic was the perfect opportunity for connected fitness companies to shine -- and they’re shining, all right.

Jacob Cohen • April 21, 2021

Landmen are going through a dramatic career change

As oil cools down and renewables heat up, landmen are looking to pivot.

Jacob Cohen • April 20, 2021

The European Union is considering an AI ban

The EU is working on a plan to regulate artificial intelligence. Here’s what that means.

Jacob Cohen • April 16, 2021

Health care is the latest Big Tech battleground

Health care is on track to be a $6.2T market by 2028. Big Tech is rushing to grab its share.

Jacob Cohen • April 15, 2021

The skyrocketing cost of lumber, explained

Low supply and high demand have pushed lumber prices through the roof, but European beetles are helping.

Jacob Cohen • April 14, 2021

How Kim Kardashian West entered the 3-comma club

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand Skims is on track for $300m in sales this year. It’s not her first massively successful venture.

Jacob Cohen • April 13, 2021

The state of social media, by the numbers

A new Pew survey sheds light on the US obsession with YouTube and elderly Americans’ thing for Mark Zuckerberg.

Jacob Cohen • April 9, 2021

Publishers are riding the NFT wave… and it’s working

Publishers are trying their hands at NFTs, with some looking to turn written work into digital collectibles.

Jacob Cohen • April 8, 2021

These founders spend just 4 hours a week on their $500k suspenders brand

After trying their hand at kimonos, wigs, and top hats, Jackson Cunningham and Josh Bluman found success with their modern suspenders brand.

Jacob Cohen • April 7, 2021

After parting ways with PayPal, eBay is making a payments comeback

eBay used to rely on PayPal. Now, its in-house payments platform is growing more popular.

Jacob Cohen • April 6, 2021

US Army eyes the future, awards Microsoft $21.9B contract for AR headsets

Microsoft is building 120k advanced AR headsets for the US Army. It’s not the company’s first foray into National Defense.

Jacob Cohen • April 2, 2021

Meet Keegan Hall — once a startup operator, now an artist for athletes, Grammy winners, and President Obama

The viral artist tells us how his previous business experience influences his work and how to succeed as an artist-entrepreneur.

Jacob Cohen • April 1, 2021

OpenAI is open for business

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is known for generating text that reads awfully close to human writing. Now, it’s trying to capitalize on the tech.

Jacob Cohen • April 1, 2021

a16z’s ranking of 2020’s biggest marketplace platforms say a lot about the state of the world

a16z’s new report highlights some of the biggest movers and shakers in the marketplace platform space.

Jacob Cohen • March 31, 2021

The EV delivery market is charging up

Auto giants, hot startups, and local governments alike are planning all-electric van fleets.

Jacob Cohen • March 29, 2021

The cold storage real estate market is booming, thanks to online grocery sales

Online grocery ordering exploded last year. Now, companies are building warehouses designed for home delivery.

Jacob Cohen • March 25, 2021

The White House confirmed its FTC appointee, and she’s coming for Big Tech

Biden’s choice for FTC commissioner is a young antitrust hardliner with a deep resume who could spell trouble for Big Tech.

Jacob Cohen • March 24, 2021

The short-lived era of extremely cheap travel is coming to an end

Biden’s choice for FTC commissioner is a young antitrust hardliner with a deep resume who could spell trouble for Big Tech.

Jacob Cohen • March 24, 2021

Bezos’ decadelong, $10B NFL bet is part of a larger streaming playbook for Amazon

Amazon just signed a massive contract to stream Thursday Night Football. Here’s why that matters.

Jacob Cohen • March 23, 2021

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