Jacob Cohen
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Digits: Airplane seats, Egyptian internet cables, and more

Plus: Algorithms, Powerball, and tattoos.

Jacob Cohen • November 7, 2022

What’s happening with Twitter?

Things are changing quickly. Here’s a summary.

Jacob Cohen • November 1, 2022

Digits: Leaves, lipstick, T-Swift, and more

Plus: A new shopping app may be on the horizon, and Amp lowers its volume.

Jacob Cohen • October 31, 2022

Is Apple blocking Spotify’s growth plan?

A bad buying experience is pressing pause on the audio giant’s next chapter.

Jacob Cohen • October 27, 2022

MrBeast’s raising money to go beast mode

More food, merch, and consumer goods are coming soon.

Jacob Cohen • October 26, 2022

What to know about the Taiwan chip situation

The world put all its chips in one basket — now it’s trying to decentralize.

Jacob Cohen • October 25, 2022

Digits: A crazy heist, Instacart’s growth, and more wild numbers

Plus: Instacart’s growth, Made in America, and nuns.

Jacob Cohen • October 24, 2022

Truss’ resignation is all about the economy

And lettuce, apparently.

Jacob Cohen • October 21, 2022

Uber: Serving up rides, chow, and… ads

Uber: Serving up rides, chow, and… ads

Jacob Cohen • October 20, 2022

Even with legs, VR devices face an uphill battle

Despite the technology improving, early adopters are spending less time with their VR headsets.

Jacob Cohen • October 18, 2022

Digits: Jellyfish, oranges, Kodak, and more

Plus: Denim archaeologists and Apple Watch “attach rates.”

Jacob Cohen • October 17, 2022

Everyone wants to be TikTok, and TikTok wants to be everyone

As companies work to copy TikTok, the platform is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Jacob Cohen • October 13, 2022

Americans really, really love their subscriptions

Consumers are cutting back at the grocery store, but not on their streaming subscriptions.

Jacob Cohen • October 11, 2022

Digits: Airbnb horror, pumpkins, and more

Plus: Baseball taxes, Goodwill, and $2.5B mink drama.

Jacob Cohen • October 10, 2022

Not those credit default swaps again…

Credit swaps and the Credit Suisse drama, explained in brief.

Jacob Cohen • October 4, 2022

Digits: Tomatoes, TikToks, and more

Plus: Porsche’s IPO and wild Google Lens stats.

Jacob Cohen • October 3, 2022

What AirPods say about the future of Apple

How the company’s AirPods strategy could be used down the road.

Jacob Cohen • September 29, 2022

People are opening up about their finances… on the street

On-the-street interviews about rent, salaries, and bank balances have surged in popularity.

Jacob Cohen • September 28, 2022

Digits: Plasma, funerals, and Hallmark

Plus: Funeral homes and AI surveillance art.

Jacob Cohen • September 26, 2022

We’re still figuring out self-checkout

You know it’s not perfect if they’re making comedy sketches about it.

Jacob Cohen • September 23, 2022

How Americans get news on socials

How many people get news on social media, and what’s it look like?

Jacob Cohen • September 22, 2022

The future of groceries is… groceries?

Delivery pioneers Instacart and Amazon are eyeing shopping carts — physical ones.

Jacob Cohen • September 20, 2022

Digits: Jordan, Ferrari, and Yellen

Plus: Apple’s pickle, and the Etherium Merge.

Jacob Cohen • September 19, 2022

The Little Mermaid’s whirlwind week

An engineer did what now?

Jacob Cohen • September 16, 2022

Big news out of the tomato industry

A new tomato offers healthy — and potentially lucrative — benefits.

Jacob Cohen • September 15, 2022

Digits: Ugly food, Roblox, and more

Plus: The king, beef prices, and the Super Bowl.

Jacob Cohen • September 12, 2022

The quiet quitting data has arrived

There are finally numbers to gauge the quiet quitting trend.

Jacob Cohen • September 9, 2022

Porsche plans to go public

The company needs capital to go electric.

Jacob Cohen • September 7, 2022

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