John Havel
Author, The Hustle

So much for Kentucky… India is the real whiskey capital of the world

Indian whiskey brand Officer’s Choice has been named the world’s largest-selling whiskey for the fifth straight year.

John Havel • July 9, 2018

Et tu, TV? A new channel opens in the data collection arms race

A new wave of startups are figuring out ways to track what you watch on TV and serve targeted ads on other devices.

John Havel • July 6, 2018

Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug

There are plenty of travel coffee mugs out there, but none are as good as the Stanley. It keeps drinks warm (or cold) for 7 hours, never spills, looks great, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Never leave home without it.

John Havel • December 1, 2017

The guy who brought McDonald’s to India is raging against the Mac-chine

Mickey D’s tried to buy Bakshi out in '08 for a measly $5m, but he refused, citing evidence that his share was actually worth $331m. So they fired him.

John Havel • September 29, 2017

The Hustle’s 2016 Gift Guide

A lot of companies do a gift guide of some sort so we decided to ask our readers for their best gift suggestions. Even Ebenezer Scrooge could use a little last-minute help.

John Havel • December 14, 2016

How to Effectively Negotiate Salary

Chances are you’re underpaid. Here’s I Will Teach You to Be Rich founder Ramit Sethi’s advice for getting what you deserve.

John Havel • August 11, 2016

The Secret to Making $450m Selling Coolers

YETI coolers are the ultimate commodity turned luxury item. Here’s how a couple brothers created an empire through branding.

John Havel • July 15, 2016

How Ramit Sethi Launched a Product That Generated $5m in a Week

Ramit, the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, outlines his process for building a successful business.

John Havel • June 16, 2016

Whoever Said Dogs Are Good for the Office Environment Is Full of It

Increased productivity, reduced stress, better communication… Not buying it. Here’s what having a dog in the office is really like.

John Havel • April 22, 2016

How Tall Is Tim Ferriss?

The internet doesn't seem to know (or care) but I had to find out.

John Havel • March 23, 2016

Why Is WeWork Worth so Much?

They just raised $430 at a $16B valuation but pretty sure all they do is rent out office space. Something's not adding up...

John Havel • March 11, 2016

How ‘House of Cards’ Changed the Content Marketing Game

Netflix paid $100m for the first two seasons and since then the company’s value has quadrupled.

John Havel • March 7, 2016

Productivity Hacks Are a Waste of Time

Let's examine Google's top search result for "productivity hacks" and break them down. Hopefully we'll feel better about ourselves afterwards.

John Havel • March 2, 2016

Shaq Is a Heck of an Investor

The Big Aristotle bought pre-IPO Google stock and owns a surprisingly good investment portfolio.

John Havel • February 24, 2016

This Guy Turned His Resumé Into a Music Album and Uploaded It to Spotify

Christian Söderholm wanted to see how hard it was to produce and upload his own “music.” Turns out it’s pretty easy. Here’s what happened.

John Havel • February 17, 2016

Wi-Fi Doesn’t Actually Stand for Anything

From day one I thought it was “wireless fidelity”... nope.

John Havel • February 11, 2016

Look at Steve Harvey's Card – He Was Set up to Fail

A poorly-designed card led to Steve's public humiliation at the Miss Universe Pageant. The card even has spelling mistakes. Here's how it could've been prevented.

John Havel • December 21, 2015

reCAPTCHA: The Genius Who's Tricking the World Into Doing His Work

Turns out reCAPTCHAs are doing more than ‘proving you’re a human’ and being annoying. Introducing human-based computation.

John Havel • December 3, 2015

Part 2: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks

I gamed Amazon, plagiarized another author, and became a #1 ranked, bestselling romance novelist author in one week. I disgust myself.

John Havel • July 20, 2015

From 0 to $25m – The iCracked Story

iCracked founder started the company from his dorm room. Four years later, the company is making $25 million in revenue. Here's how he did it.

John Havel • February 7, 2015

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