Kamran Rosen
Contributor, The Hustle

Webmaster gone wild…

An Arizona IT was sentenced to 4 years of federal probation after holding a corporate website hostage and redirecting it to a gay porn site.

Kamran Rosen • September 21, 2017

Millennials are tuning in to Snapchat

In less than a month, NBC’s original daily news segment, “Stay Tuned”, has garnered 29 million unique viewers on Snapchat.

Kamran Rosen • August 21, 2017

You can finish this story later…

Or now. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has a 5-minute trick to beating procrastination.

Kamran Rosen • June 9, 2017

Baywatch Tomato score: certified sore loser

In a dramatic twist of events, producers of box office flop, Baywatch, are now blaming Rotten Tomatoes for their movies’ poor performance.

Kamran Rosen • June 1, 2017

Giving the squeaky tweet some grease

Twitter’s annual shareholder meeting is coming up soon, and there’s a new idea on the table: Turning the company into a cooperative.

Kamran Rosen • April 10, 2017

How One Professor’s Lecture Launched a Food Movement

Here's what you can build with some coffee grounds and your grandparents.

Kamran Rosen • September 4, 2015

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