Katherine Laidlaw
, The Hustle
Apple Watch on a wrist

Will this be the last Christmas you can get an Apple Watch?

Apple is locked in a years-long patent fight with a medical technology company. Is anybody winning?

Katherine Laidlaw • December 1, 2023
color swatches

Who chooses the world’s Color of the Year?

From her desert office in a converted RV garage, Leatrice Eiseman has turned color into a celebrity for Pantone.

Katherine Laidlaw • November 10, 2023
New York Times newspaper bestsellers

The murky math of the New York Times bestsellers list

How to land one of the spots on the list.

Katherine Laidlaw • October 27, 2023
indoor cycling

One man’s quest to end cheating in virtual cycling

A cyclist discovered widespread cheating on the popular online cycling platform Zwift. Then came the death threats.

Katherine Laidlaw • September 22, 2023

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