Lestraundra Alfred
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Collage on colorful background, from left to right: Margot Robbie as Barbie behind the wheel of a pink car, Taylor Swift flexes her arm, Beyoncé Knowles sings into a microphone.

Women’s spending power is the story of the summer

From Barbie to Queen Bey, women’s consumer spending packs quite the economic payoff.

Lestraundra Alfred • September 7, 2023
food from Popeyes

When TikTok says ‘jump,’ restaurants fling themselves right off a cliff

Social trends like TikTok’s “girl dinner” are changing the way the restaurant business works.

Lestraundra Alfred • August 24, 2023
Kim Kardashian

You may not want to hear this about Kim Kardashian, but she’s a business whiz

Kim’s apparel brand, Skims, just turned 4 — in both years of age and billions of value.

Lestraundra Alfred • August 3, 2023
Duolingo owl

How Duolingo struck social gold by going unhinged

Leaning into its oddball owl mascot has been a boon for the app’s popularity.

Lestraundra Alfred • July 26, 2023

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