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Scorsese’s latest Oscar contender gets caught in the ‘streaming wars’ crossfire

Netflix wants movies that it bankrolls to stream right away, but movie chains like AMC want them go through theatrical release.

Lindsey Quinn • August 22, 2019
Impossible burger image

BK unveils the Impossible Whopper, putting Impossible Foods in a pickle

This week, Burger King rolled out its “Impossible Whopper” — a meatless Whopper-alternative via startup Impossible Foods — in 7k locations nationwide.  So far, the plant-based patty has been a huge hit for BK, boosting traffic by 18% when it debuted regionally back in April.  But, in the race to keep up with heavily funded […]

Lindsey Quinn • August 9, 2019

An $11m view: Loft owners spend hard cash to maintain their view over Manhattan

Most cities face real estate battles over land. The upper class of New York often fights over the air. But what’s too much for a view?

Lindsey Quinn • July 23, 2019

Losing The Office could be a bigger deal than expected for Netflix

A new survey suggests Netflix losing The Office could be a bigger financial hit than expected

Lindsey Quinn • July 17, 2019

Want a great deal on a house? Find one where someone was murdered.

A gruesome death in a home can slash the sale price by as much as 25%. But is the discount worth it?

Lindsey Quinn • May 26, 2019

Martha follows Snoop Dogg’s footsteps, partners with Canopy on CBD products

Martha will advise the fast-growing Canadian cannabis company on a CBD line, starting with, as Martha put it, “sensible products for people’s beloved pets.”

Lindsey Quinn • March 1, 2019

Uber and Lyft will grant top drivers stock in their highly anticipated IPOs

In the event of an IPO, both companies will offer cash bonuses to drivers -- or the option to use that cash toward company stock at its IPO price before it begins trading.

Lindsey Quinn • March 1, 2019

iDebt: Apple partners with Goldman on new mobile credit card

Apple will start testing its first credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs, linked directly to the Apple Wallet.

Lindsey Quinn • February 22, 2019

Amidst pressure from lawmakers, Amazon cancels plans to build massive HQ in NYC

After a yearlong selection process and months of debate, Amazon’s HQ deal with New York is dead in the water.

Lindsey Quinn • February 15, 2019

Ex-con app developers are disrupting price-gouging prison phones

Several inmate messaging apps that were launched by enterprising ex-cons are changing the way that families communicate with their incarcerated loved ones.

Lindsey Quinn • February 14, 2019

KenSci raises $22m to predict patients’ risk of illness (and save hospitals money)

KenSci, a Seattle-based startup that uses AI to predict patients’ risk of illness, raised $22m.

Lindsey Quinn • February 8, 2019

New gig startup Jyve lets you work your way up from the outside

Gig economy platform Jyve comes out of hiding with $35m in funding and a plan to help gig workers unlock “higher skill opportunities” with each job they successfully complete.

Lindsey Quinn • January 25, 2019

The founders of Wag abandon fund and ride off into the sunset with bike-share startup

After leaving Wag and starting their own fund, Jon and Josh Viner have raised $37m for an electric bike-sharing startup called Wheels.

Lindsey Quinn • January 24, 2019

Old brands, new tricks: GE, Neutrogena, and Forbes turn to cutting-edge tech to get ahead

From fire sales to face masks, these centenarians are giving themselves a new gadget makeover.

Lindsey Quinn • January 4, 2019

China’s largest ride-sharing company now offers driver loans and insurance

Yesterday, Didi announced that it will offer drivers lending services as well as health and car insurance policies within its app to incentivize more workers to join the gig economy.

Lindsey Quinn • January 3, 2019

‘Sugar Puffs or Frosties?’ How Netflix’s bet on interactive TV could pay off

Beyond the novelty of gimmick itself is massive marketing potential for Netflix to discover its users’ real-life preferences beyond their most “recently watched.”

Lindsey Quinn • January 3, 2019

New year, new news

People trashing self-driving cars, making millions off Fortnite, and falling for ‘deepfakes’: All the tech and business headlines you missed under the mistletoe.

Lindsey Quinn • January 2, 2019
Magic City Hippies

Banknotes: Magic City Hippies on building a brand

For our series 'Banknotes,' we sat down with some bands at Austin City Limits to talk about how they balance making a living while making music.

Lindsey Quinn • December 14, 2018

Hotels are the new co-working spaces

Sheraton is overhauling 450 of its current lobbies to include “productivity tables,” equipped with outlets, USB ports, and rentable drawers.

Lindsey Quinn • December 14, 2018

Do what you want to

When Dr. John Kitchin's vision started to fail him in middle-age, he left his successful neurology practice to pursue the only thing that made him truly happy: rollerblading.

Lindsey Quinn • December 10, 2018

In the age of Alexa, Pindrop raises another $90m to prevent voice fraud

With the rise of voice assistants, Pindrop raises another $90m to help prevent voice fraud.

Lindsey Quinn • December 6, 2018

The Chive launches its own ‘ambient’ TV platform

The Chive is the latest digital media company to unveil its silver bullet to beat ad-saturation — a new TV platform called “Atmosphere,” dedicated to “ambient” video content.

Lindsey Quinn • December 5, 2018

Gobble diem: the headlines you missed over the holiday

We’ve given thanks. Now, it’s back to the grind. Here’s a rundown of headlines you probably missed whilst shoving your face full of stuffing.

Lindsey Quinn • November 26, 2018

How to fix bad writing before you type a single word

If you don’t know these 3 things, you may as well be rolling your face on your keyboard.

Lindsey Quinn • November 21, 2018

The banking industry now makes up over 40% of Warren Buffett’s portfolio

Berkshire Hathaway reported its Q3 holdings last week, and half of Warren Buffett’s top 10 largest holdings are in the US banking industry.

Lindsey Quinn • November 21, 2018
nissan ghosn

If I had a nickel for every $44m I ‘misplaced’…

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan, Mitsubishi, and CEO of Renault, was arrested by Japanese authorities yesterday for grossly underreporting his compensation. The Hustle Nissan’s chairman was arrested, and now his auto-cratic empire could crumble Carlos Ghosn, Nissan chairman and emperor among plebes in the auto industry, was arrested by Japanese authorities yesterday for underreporting his […]

Lindsey Quinn • November 20, 2018

Photo editing startup raises $60m to help us turn our faces into smooth, featureless eggs

Lightricks, the developer behind photo editing apps like Facetune, has raised a massive $60m round to help us blur acne out of existence.

Lindsey Quinn • November 20, 2018

Thinking big on a budget

In 1974, Hop Ewing (then Mayor of Florence) had a problem.

Lindsey Quinn • November 19, 2018

Like 'Storm Stories' on steroids

The Weather Channel just rolled out mixed-reality weather forecasting for the NFL. The Hustle Sponsored by Everyone’s talking about the Weather (Channel)’s hardcore mixed reality reporting Well, this wasn’t in the forecast: The Weather Channel matters again thanks to pulse-quickening, immersive mixed reality reporting that covers everything from disasters to college football. Under new ownership […]

Lindsey Quinn • November 19, 2018

Mayvenn raises $23m to give the hair extension industry a new ’do

A hair startup called Mayvenn raised $23 to extend its hair extension business -- and empower stylists in the process.

Lindsey Quinn • November 8, 2018

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