Mark Dent
Writer, The Hustle

Is this exactly what Elon Musk wanted?

Elon Musk is losing money, but he has inserted himself in every news cycle.

Mark Dent • December 19, 2022

Budweiser’s dry World Cup saga

Budweiser employed smart marketing moves to stay relevant at an alcohol-free World Cup.

Mark Dent • December 13, 2022

The sneaky economics of Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster’s maligned fees and customer service issues are again under the microscope. Will American music fans ever see anything better?

Mark Dent • December 10, 2022

The next big thing for influencers is less influencing

As the economy falters, influencers may lose clients and connections with their audiences.

Mark Dent • December 8, 2022

Media winter is coming

December is often the season for media layoffs, and damage is especially severe this year.

Mark Dent • December 6, 2022

How America’s top real estate agent sells 16 homes every day

A typical agent in the US closes on 10 homes in a year. One record-setting agent in Texas does better than that nearly every day.

Mark Dent • November 11, 2022

How nuns got squeezed out of the communion wafer business

Altar bread was once made by hundreds of communities of nuns across the US. Now, a for-profit company controls nearly the entire market.

Mark Dent • October 14, 2022

The banker who caused the 1929 stock crash 

At the outset of the Depression, Charles Mitchell was the most wanted banker in America. Today, his name’s largely been forgotten.

Mark Dent • September 30, 2022

The family that built a ballpark nachos monopoly

Anytime you order nachos at a sporting event, there’s a good chance they came from a molten-cheese empire in San Antonio, Texas.

Mark Dent • September 16, 2022

Layoffs are out. Labor hoarding is in

Why some companies are doing the exact opposite of laying off employees.

Mark Dent • September 8, 2022

How businesses in Jackson are getting by without water

The city’s struggle illustrates how much small businesses depend on a reliable water supply.

Mark Dent • September 7, 2022

Why gas is actually cheap in America 

Gas is at record-high prices in the United States, but it still costs far less than elsewhere in the world. And in the long run, Americans might pay for that privilege.

Mark Dent • August 13, 2022

Sylvester Stallone picks the ultimate fight

Can he pry the rights to “Rocky” away from a former Hollywood mogul?

Mark Dent • August 5, 2022

Why expensive housing prices aren’t good for most real estate agents

A hot housing market has attracted thousands of new agents. For most of them, the gold rush won’t be so lucrative.

Mark Dent • July 22, 2022

College athletes are making bank

The ability to profit off of name, image, and likeness has led to some big payouts for college stars.

Mark Dent • July 15, 2022

‘Just stop buying lattes’: The origins of a millennial housing myth

Financial gurus want young home shoppers to stop complaining and cut back on small luxuries. But there are broader affordability issues at play.

Mark Dent • June 18, 2022

Why America has so few carpenters

The Great Recession led to a carpenter exodus. But cultural and pay issues have stunted the profession’s growth for far longer.

Mark Dent • May 20, 2022

Why free stuff makes us irrational

When something is free, people feel a positive glow — and standard cost-benefit analyses go out the window.

Mark Dent • May 6, 2022

The first ‘Easter eggs’ were an act of corporate rebellion

When Atari’s video game designers were stiffed on credit for their work, they expressed their dissatisfaction through hidden messages.

Mark Dent • April 15, 2022

Millions of Americans retired early. Now they want to work again

A wide range of factors are pushing retirees back into the workforce.

Mark Dent • April 1, 2022

The popular electronics chain that scammed America

Crazy Eddie boasted some of the most impressive retail sales in the country. But its owner was more interested in conducting a brazen fraud.

Mark Dent • March 26, 2022

The economics of March Madness

For every win in the tournament until the Final Four, a team earns its conference ~$2m.

Mark Dent • March 17, 2022

Why people are really leaving their jobs during the Great Resignation

The Hustle surveyed more than 1k people who left their jobs during the pandemic. Here are 4 of their stories.

Mark Dent • March 12, 2022

Will the Russia conflict reshape the world economy as we know it?

International tensions are pushing companies to rethink globalization.

Mark Dent • March 11, 2022

Is this the end of an Olympic ticket monopoly?

In recent years, Americans who want to attend the Olympic Games have been forced to buy tickets from CoSport, a small New Jersey company that rakes in millions.

Mark Dent • February 12, 2022

The economics of Spotify

Spotify’s recent Joe Rogan controversy has also deepened a rift between the platform and artists over pay.

Mark Dent • February 5, 2022

Would you take free land in rural America?

In the midst of a national housing shortage, towns on the Kansas plains are giving away free land and ultra-cheap houses. Is the offer worth it?

Mark Dent • January 29, 2022

The con artist who sold rich investors a fake country

Nearly 200 years ago, Gregor MacGregor pulled off one of the most brazen real estate scams in history.

Mark Dent • January 7, 2022

The economics of Broadway shows

How the pandemic has made Broadway’s risky business even riskier.

Mark Dent • November 20, 2021

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