Michael Waters
Staff Writer, The Hustle

Building in public: Meet the new transparent startups

These entrepreneurs are sharing the details of their businesses with internet randos.

Michael Waters • July 31, 2020

All about ‘brushing,’ one of the seediest scams in ecommerce

Brushing has become one of the easiest ways to make a fake review look real.

Michael Waters • July 30, 2020

KFC Crocs, Whopper perfume: Why your roommate suddenly smells like fast food

KFC’s new kicks look like -- and smell like -- fried chicken.

Michael Waters • July 29, 2020

Facebook’s plan to crack down on porn: Call in the Red Team

Dick pics might help the tech giant build better algorithms.

Michael Waters • July 28, 2020

The 21-year-old entrepreneur who’s reshaping the music charts

Flighthouse wants to become the MTV of the TikTok era.

Michael Waters • July 28, 2020

The hottest thing in real estate is cold storage

Thanks to your grocery deliveries, one of America’s chilliest industries is on fire.

Michael Waters • July 27, 2020

Put down your jack-o-lanterns. Halloween might be taking this year off.

Hershey’s is preparing for a big, spooky drop in candy sales.

Michael Waters • July 27, 2020

The flavored-alcohol empire behind White Claw

The hard seltzers seemed to come out of nowhere. But they’ve been 50 years in the making.

Michael Waters • July 24, 2020

Did you know you can patent the shape of a food?

Yes, you can patent a shape.

Michael Waters • July 24, 2020

How Shopify is keeping your neighborhood bakery afloat

One of its biggest pulls? Email addresses.

Michael Waters • July 23, 2020

Salted caramel crickets? This entrepreneur is spicing up the insect protein biz

Shelby Smith is experimenting with cricket-infused cookies, onion rings, and zucchini bread.

Michael Waters • July 23, 2020

Hollywood is in crisis. That spells trouble for movie-themed toys.

The summer blockbusters are postponed this year. But their tie-in toys weren’t.

Michael Waters • July 21, 2020

Space fishcakes, pet food: The 3D-printed meat market is looking juicy

Even KFC is working to launch a line of bioprinted chicken nuggets.

Michael Waters • July 20, 2020

The stan accounts trying to rescue discontinued foods

Across the internet, fans are fighting to bring back sandwiches and sodas lost to time.

Michael Waters • July 20, 2020

The “invention” of the flat iron steak

The flat iron steak began as an experiment in a meat science laboratory in 2001. Today, it’s a $630m-per-year culinary sensation. But what exactly does it take to discover a new cut of meat?

Michael Waters • July 17, 2020

Mailbox makeovers, bedtime cookies: Meet the teen entrepreneurs of the pandemic summer

Teen unemployment is at a record high. This is how our readers are creating jobs for themselves.

Michael Waters • July 17, 2020

The dictionary account that saved blue-check Twitter

Blocked from posting, internet celebrities started communicating through @everyword.

Michael Waters • July 17, 2020

Can Google searches predict a pandemic?

The initial evidence on disease-tracking algorithms seems promising.

Michael Waters • July 16, 2020

The big business of owning an international bridge

For starters: How is $60m in toll fees?

Michael Waters • July 16, 2020

RIP, reduced-fat peanut butter: The snack aisle is downsizing

Pancakes. Harleys. Toilet paper. Our buying options might be shrinking for good.

Michael Waters • July 15, 2020

The poet who doubles as a professional brand namer

Welcome to the first edition of our new careers series.

Michael Waters • July 15, 2020

‘Peanut steaks’ and ‘nut chops’… The fake meats of the 1900s

Once upon a time, the Impossible Burger had competition.

Michael Waters • July 14, 2020

LinkedIn Stories, IRS snooping, and why you should take that job at a startup

A procrastination-fueled dispatch from our Twitter feeds.

Michael Waters • July 14, 2020

Holy shi — pping containers! Look at these tiny houses

Got an old shipping container? This startup will turn it into a house for $50k.

Michael Waters • July 13, 2020

With millions laid off, teens find jobs in unusual places

Teen employment is at a historic low. So some localities are putting kids to work.

Michael Waters • July 13, 2020

Move over, Nielsen: This analytics service is measuring viewer passion

Parrot Analytics wants to find the economic value in your cult favorites.

Michael Waters • July 10, 2020

Against all odds, we’re living in Tinder boom times

Last month, Tinder was the 3rd-highest-grossing app in the US.

Michael Waters • July 9, 2020

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