Michael Waters
Staff Writer, The Hustle

Buzz… on? This state wants to pay you to raise bees

Minnesota is one of dozens of states that are waxing poetic about recruiting people to raise their insect neighbors.

Michael Waters • March 11, 2020

La Colombe wants to crack open the market for self-heating coffee cans

La Colombe is brewing up a line of self-heating coffee cans. In the past, similar products were just lukewarm

Michael Waters • March 10, 2020

The noodles from ‘Parasite’ are stirring up a craze

Restaurants are attaching a hefty price tag to what’s normally a bargain-basement dish. Once again, Bong Joon Ho gets the last laugh.

Michael Waters • March 9, 2020

How an after-school DJ program beats the odds

Building Beats makes clever use of free software to compete in the niche after-school market.

Michael Waters • March 8, 2020

‘Hitmen’ for hire invade the dark web — but researchers say they’re frauds

New research shows some of the hitmen services on the dark web are probably just shooting blanks.

Michael Waters • March 8, 2020

A meaty vending machine might be the next defense against coronavirus

Unmanned food vendors could be a popular option.

Michael Waters • March 5, 2020

This company will mail you an hourglass for your wellness

Unlike its boxy competitors, Madefor calls itself a program: 10 boxes, over the course of a single year.

Michael Waters • March 4, 2020

The hottest summer travel destination is… the Arctic

Greenland isn’t built for easy travel, but tourists are flocking there anyway.

Michael Waters • March 3, 2020

The ice-wine market is overheating

Germans pioneered the global ice-wine market. But this winter, it didn’t get cold enough to make it.

Michael Waters • March 2, 2020

Inside the wild world of government auctions

Public agencies sell fire trucks, Black Hawk helicopters, and wedding gowns. Who is actually buying them?

Michael Waters • February 28, 2020

Lobsters are finally out of the trade war steamer

An announcement from China has lobstermen breathing a sigh of relief. Lobsters, not so much.

Michael Waters • February 27, 2020

Tupperware lifted the lid on financial shenanigans, but now its investors can’t be contained

Shares have plummeted, and investors filed a class-action lawsuit.

Michael Waters • February 27, 2020

Why silver is suddenly all up in your snow

Western states are experimenting with the strange science of cloud seeding to fight drought.

Michael Waters • February 26, 2020

Amazon is streaming onto the runway with high-fashion TV

The ecommerce giant is entering new territory by mixing retail and television so seamlessly.

Michael Waters • February 25, 2020

Can the American casket monopoly be disrupted?

Today, two companies control 82% of all casket sales in the United States. But can a new crop of more affordable and sustainable options shake things up?

Michael Waters • December 20, 2019

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