Rob Litterst
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Streaming mergers are coming

Streaming consolidation should lead to better price points and less friction for consumers.

Rob Litterst • October 10, 2022

The small business boom ain’t over yet

Small business applications are down from the pandemic peak, but still way above pre-pandemic levels.

Rob Litterst • October 7, 2022

Liquid Death is killing it

The canned water pioneer was just valued at $700m three years after launching.

Rob Litterst • October 6, 2022

WFH is a game changer for disabled workers

Mainstream adoption of remote work has led record numbers of people with disabilities to join the workforce.

Rob Litterst • October 6, 2022

Why homebuilders are in panic mode

Rising rates and low demand are causing builders to sell their inventory to investors in bulk.

Rob Litterst • October 5, 2022

What the heck is a golden passport?

The ultra-wealthy are paying big bucks for the right to travel freely throughout Europe.

Rob Litterst • October 4, 2022

Tesla’s robot, explained

Elon Musk believes Tesla’s humanoid robot could be “much bigger” than its cars.

Rob Litterst • October 3, 2022

What can we learn from Gen Z’s favorite brands?

Gen Z is hard to please but loves junk food and screen time.

Rob Litterst • September 30, 2022

The long, strange saga of the $100m deli

A New Jersey deli may have been better off perfecting its pastrami.

Rob Litterst • September 29, 2022

What the heck is an anti-perk?

Perks that require an office visit don’t carry the same weight that they used to.

Rob Litterst • September 28, 2022

Amazon aggregators are losing steam

After becoming one of the hottest sectors for VCs in 2021, funding for Amazon aggregators is way down.

Rob Litterst • September 27, 2022

Disney’s move into trading cards

Is “Lorcana” the next Pokemon?

Rob Litterst • September 26, 2022

The Hertz fleet is buzzing

The rental car giant is on a mission to electrify its fleet.

Rob Litterst • September 26, 2022

We’re nearing a butter meltdown

Inflation has infiltrated your butter dish.

Rob Litterst • September 23, 2022

Publishers and Hollywood are a perfect match

Publishers need revenue, and Hollywood needs better stories.

Rob Litterst • September 21, 2022

Why do younger generations love subtitles?

Netflix and TikTok have helped bring captions to the masses.

Rob Litterst • September 20, 2022

Adobe just acquired its biggest threat

What the design giant’s $20B purchase of Figma means for the future of design.

Rob Litterst • September 19, 2022

Why YouTube’s best weapon is its library

Five hundred hours of content are added to YouTube every minute.

Rob Litterst • September 15, 2022

Can machine learning help us talk to pets?

Scientists are using machine learning algorithms to analyze communication patterns in animals.

Rob Litterst • September 14, 2022

Why did A24 launch a membership?

The indie studio is diversifying beyond the box office.

Rob Litterst • September 12, 2022

Are Apple and Meta rivals now?

The tech titans are clashing over metaverse ambitions and ads.

Rob Litterst • September 8, 2022

The next era of CVS is all about services

The pharmacy giant wants to be your doctor’s office.

Rob Litterst • September 8, 2022

The ups and downs of NYC’s taxi medallion

The value of a NYC taxi medallion increased for the first time since 2014.

Rob Litterst • September 6, 2022

Disney’s planning a new membership

The company is taking inspiration from Amazon Prime and the Apple One bundle.

Rob Litterst • September 2, 2022

Why in-flight WiFi will only get better

Fliers want cheap, reliable WiFi, and airlines are starting to deliver.

Rob Litterst • September 1, 2022

Starbucks and Dunkin’ have a new challenger

Blank Street Coffee is using automation to fuel its rapid expansion.

Rob Litterst • August 31, 2022

RIP to a school supplies legend

E. Bryant Crutchfield, inventor of the Trapper Keeper, passed away at 85.

Rob Litterst • August 30, 2022

What the heck is Peloton doing?

The fitness pioneer is making some big changes to right the ship.

Rob Litterst • August 29, 2022

The battle for the ‘richest school’ title

The University of Texas has a secret weapon that could help its endowment pass Harvard’s.

Rob Litterst • August 26, 2022

Is this the end of work friends?

It’s getting harder to make work friends, but workers don’t seem to care.

Rob Litterst • August 25, 2022

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