Rob Litterst
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Are we caught in a ‘bear market trap’?

Hedge funds are placing big bets against the latest market rally.

Rob Litterst • August 24, 2022

The economic indicator that uses egg-and-cheese sandwiches

Beyond sandwiches and soup, Pret A Manger offers insight to the global economy.

Rob Litterst • August 23, 2022

The good and bad of Amazon’s health care efforts

The bull and bear cases for Dr. Bezos.

Rob Litterst • August 22, 2022

Are we going back to the cable days?

With services raising prices and introducing ads, is streaming starting to look like cable?

Rob Litterst • August 22, 2022

Despite inflation, tips are still flowing

Are consumers getting more generous or is “iPad tipping” to blame?

Rob Litterst • August 19, 2022

Buzzkill alert — it’s getting harder to retire

The “three-legged stool” of retirement is broken.

Rob Litterst • August 17, 2022

LeBron James, the influencer?

LeBron James is the NBA’s king of Instagram.

Rob Litterst • August 16, 2022

What really goes into your chocolate bar?

Tony’s Chocolonely is trying to take on big chocolate — but it’s not easy.

Rob Litterst • August 15, 2022

The implications of teen internet usage

A recent CDC study shows the scary consequences of too much screen time.

Rob Litterst • August 15, 2022

Why are so many tech founders leaving?

The difference between “peacetime” and “wartime.”

Rob Litterst • August 12, 2022

What the heck is a LinkedInfluencer?

Of course LinkedIn wants in on the creator economy.

Rob Litterst • August 10, 2022

A timeline of Amazon’s home robot takeover

Amazon is on a mission to build the smart house of the future.

Rob Litterst • August 9, 2022

Oatly’s great stagnation

The brand that started the oat milk craze is struggling.

Rob Litterst • August 7, 2022

The Dum Dum discount dilemma

How lollipop arbitrage works.

Rob Litterst • August 4, 2022

What the heck is ‘greedflation’?

How can corporations make record profits while consumers struggle to get by?

Rob Litterst • August 3, 2022

Jazzercise is dancing in dollars

The dance fitness pioneer pulled in $73m in revenue in 2021.

Rob Litterst • August 2, 2022

The rise and fall of Juul

How the e-cig of the future became a relic of the past.

Rob Litterst • August 1, 2022

Where does all our time go?

Americans spend a humongous amount of time watching TV.

Rob Litterst • July 28, 2022

Choco Taco, an ice cream truck staple, dies at 39

RIP to a truly novel dessert.

Rob Litterst • July 27, 2022

Gen Z designers are popping off on Depop, then leaving

Why Gen Z’s digital thrift store is losing some top sellers.

Rob Litterst • July 26, 2022

Superyacht sales are booming

The pandemic and skyrocketing wealth are pushing superyacht sales to an all-time high.

Rob Litterst • July 25, 2022

Higher education meets high finance

College mergers and acquisitions are on the rise.

Rob Litterst • July 22, 2022

Claire’s is back, and Gen Z is loving it

The ‘90s tween haven is moving beyond the mall.

Rob Litterst • July 20, 2022

Amazon is rolling out the delivery drones

But do people actually want them?

Rob Litterst • July 19, 2022

The big business of Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett’s beachy anthem has inspired a booming hospitality business.

Rob Litterst • July 18, 2022

Automakers are falling in love with subscriptions

Not everyone is happy about the new pricing model.

Rob Litterst • July 14, 2022

Why Subway’s tuna is headed to court

A new ruling suggests the sandwich chain’s tuna troubles will continue.

Rob Litterst • July 13, 2022

Digits: Star Wars, TikTok, and 750m slim cans

Plus, numbers from the UK’s measurement debate, and an almond backlog.

Rob Litterst • July 11, 2022

Are recyclable shoes the future of footwear?

A Swiss running startup just launched the first truly circular sales model in clothing.

Rob Litterst • July 11, 2022

The robot workforce is coming

Labor shortages and other factors are pushing countries to adopt automation.

Rob Litterst • July 8, 2022

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