Rob Litterst
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Driverless trains may be the future of freight

Driverless trains could play a big role in the future of freight, and help solve both the supply chain and sustainability crisis in the process.

Rob Litterst • October 13, 2021

Disney is all-in on streaming, but ESPN can’t kick cable

While Disney has gone all-in on streaming, ESPN is still clinging to the cable model - but that might not be the case for long.

Rob Litterst • October 12, 2021

Outdoor dining is lovely, but at what cost?

Outdoor dining saved restaurants during the pandemic, but not all of them are doubling down on it this winter.

Rob Litterst • October 11, 2021

You don’t want to make hackers angry — and Twitch just learned that the hard way

Twitch experienced a data breach that exposed a wide range of sensitive data, and there could be more to come.

Rob Litterst • October 8, 2021

This year, there’s no such thing as ‘too early’ to start holiday shopping

Global supply chain issues could cause big problems for holiday shoppers come December.

Rob Litterst • October 7, 2021

Interview: Why the Jonas Brothers just launched a popcorn brand

We sat down with the trio to talk through their latest business venture — putting the "pop" in popcorn.

Rob Litterst • October 5, 2021

Lego is proving toys are still big business

Lego cemented its status as the biggest toymaker in the world after posting a 46% increase in first-half sales despite global supply chain issues.

Rob Litterst • October 5, 2021

Google Search is growing up, and its future is all about context

Google is using machine learning technology to revamp its search product and provide more comprehensive results.

Rob Litterst • October 1, 2021

CAA is buying ICM, creating a super-agency to take on a changing Hollywood

CAA’s purchase of ICM will create a super-agency to take on a changing entertainment industry.

Rob Litterst • September 30, 2021

E-books saved libraries, but the economics may soon crush them

E-books saved libraries during the pandemic, but the economics could cause some long-term problems.

Rob Litterst • September 29, 2021

Golf is growing on and off the course — and business is booming

Golf is going mainstream, thanks to increased participation on and off the course.

Rob Litterst • September 28, 2021

Paint supply is running dry — and everyone’s paying the price

The latest supply shock: paint, which is seeing its highest prices since 2009.

Rob Litterst • September 27, 2021

Growing up with Google is making students less organized — but it might not matter

Google has transformed how Gen Z uses computers -- leading to more use of search tools and less reliance on folders for organization.

Rob Litterst • September 24, 2021

The environmental cost of fast fashion

Fast fashion allows consumers to get trendy clothes for cheap, but it's leaving a devastating impact on the environment.

Rob Litterst • September 23, 2021

Influencers have come to finance — and they’re making bank

“Finfluencers” use platforms like TikTok and Instagram to make finance topics digestible to younger audiences, and can make $500k+ per year.

Rob Litterst • September 21, 2021

Canva’s recent round valued the design startup at $40B. Here’s how they got there.

Canva has grown from humble origins to a $40B design powerhouse, and one of Adobe’s fiercest competitors.

Rob Litterst • September 17, 2021

Jeff Bezos just got something money can’t buy: His own management philosophy

Bezosism is the management philosophy powering Amazon’s warehouses, and making free 2-day shipping possible.

Rob Litterst • September 15, 2021

Apple’s latest drop: Upgrades across 3 flagship products, and a big security fix

Apple released upgrades to 3 of its core products, as well as a big security update.

Rob Litterst • September 15, 2021

Dollar General wants to go upmarket with Popshelf. So far, it’s working.

Dollar General’s new store, Popshelf, offers items for $5 or less, and has been wildly successful so far, which could lead to massive expansion.

Rob Litterst • September 14, 2021

The pandemic knocked out business travel — now its future is up in the air

The pandemic wiped out business travel, and new technology makes it unlikely it’ll ever get back to pre-pandemic levels.

Rob Litterst • September 10, 2021

As crypto moves into the world of banking, regulators are being forced into action

As crypto companies forge into bank-like services, regulators are being forced to take action.

Rob Litterst • September 9, 2021

Facebook is paying Accenture $500m a year to moderate content on its platforms

A recent report revealed Accenture to be Facebook’s biggest content moderation partner, pulling in $500m a year for the work.

Rob Litterst • September 7, 2021

Allbirds, Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe company, has filed for an IPO

Allbirds, the sustainable shoemaker, filed for an IPO, calling it the 1st sustainable public equity offering.

Rob Litterst • September 3, 2021

‘Right to Repair’ legislation could make it easier and cheaper to fix your devices

With Right to Repair legislation, the government is looking to give consumers more options when repairing their devices.

Rob Litterst • September 2, 2021

Peloton was winning the pandemic, but a series of fumbles have slowed its growth

Peloton, an early pandemic winner, posted losses and lower-than-expected forecasts in its recent earnings call due to a series of problems.

Rob Litterst • September 1, 2021

Meet the startup using flies to fight food waste

Insectta is a startup that uses flies to combat food waste, and create a variety of byproducts.

Rob Litterst • September 1, 2021

Was Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal worth it? It depends on what you value.

Joe Rogan, who signed a deal with Spotify worth $100m+, has lost influence since making his podcast exclusive to the platform.

Rob Litterst • August 27, 2021

Ramp is using a freemium strategy to disrupt the corporate card game

Ramp is a startup that offers corporate cards and spend management software that is valued at $3.9B.

Rob Litterst • August 26, 2021

The sports card market is booming, with more ways to participate than ever before

The sports card market is booming, and a new class of entrepreneurs are finding new ways to get involved.

Rob Litterst • August 25, 2021

Meet the iced tea drive-through chain taking over Texas

HTeaO is a Texas drive-through chain that specializes in iced tea, and business is booming.

Rob Litterst • August 24, 2021

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