Sam Parr
CEO, The Hustle

We Just Hired Employee #17

What does everyone at The Hustle do? Our team is spread across 5 teams: editorial, growth, tech, events, sales. Here's what they do.

Sam Parr • November 2, 2017

The 4 Best Products for Getting Perfect Sleep

For the past 4 months, I've tested dozens of products in search for the perfect sleep. These are the best.

Sam Parr • October 16, 2017

The Recruitment Letter

An actual email that was sent to an actual person. Try saying "no."

Sam Parr • September 28, 2017

I Used The “Tesla of Toothbrushes” for 7 Days. Here’s My Honest Opinion on the Toothbrush Investors Are Raving About. Updated 2019

If you've been on the internet in the last 12 months then you've most likely seen an advertisement for Quip. So...why's this thing so great? Here's my review.

Sam Parr • August 8, 2017

This Female Entrepreneur Is Disrupting the $99 Billion Dollar Soda Industry

Like a well-hydrated David against an overweight, possibly diabetic Goliath.

Sam Parr • August 3, 2017

The 5 Books That Shaped The Hustle’s Voice

Want to be a better writer? Read these 5 books.

Sam Parr • February 2, 2017

We’re Doing a Live Interview with Tim Ferriss…Wanna Come?

Of course you do. The Hustle is hosting an intimate question and answer session with author Tim Ferriss. Here's how you can join.

Sam Parr • December 1, 2016

How 2 Designers Raised $100,000 on Kickstarter in 6 hours

Here's exactly how two founders have raised hundreds of thousands on Kickstarter and are on track to do $5 million in revenue.

Sam Parr • July 28, 2016

How Two Founders With Zero Experience Built a Profitable Media Company with 3,000,000 Monthly Readers in Less Than a Year

We tell you everything we know (and don't know) about building a media company.

Sam Parr • July 5, 2016

This 27-Year-Old Will Make $5 Million This Year Selling Bags Online

Here's how a startup grew to $5 million in sales in only two years without taking any outside funding.

Sam Parr • June 16, 2016

How Pandora’s Founder Convinced 50 Early Employees to Work 2 Years Without Pay

Think you’re persuasive? Watch the pitch that convinced early Pandora employees to work for free after the company ran out of funding.

Sam Parr • May 27, 2016

Here’s Why You Can’t Find Any Prince Music Online

Thankfully, there's a way around it.

Sam Parr • April 21, 2016

The Epic History of Vans Shoes

Vans turned 50 years old this week. To celebrate, here's a history lesson on how they started.

Sam Parr • March 17, 2016

The Epic Rise of John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was the greatest businessman to ever live. Here's how he did it.

Sam Parr • March 9, 2016

The Founder of a New Amazon Competitor Explains How They Did $3 Billion After Year 3

Apparently the answer is a lot more complicated than just "beast mode."

Sam Parr • March 1, 2016

A Hacker Shows How Easy It Is to Hack Someone’s Webcam and Secretly Take Photos of Them

If you're not putting a piece of black tape over your computer's camera after reading this then you're just plain stupid.

Sam Parr • February 25, 2016

We Can’t Tell the Difference Between Pixar’s Animations and Real Photos

Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur' has raised the bar so much for CGI animations that it's tough to tell the difference between real life and animation.

Sam Parr • February 18, 2016

Ranked: America’s Best Dating Apps

App analytics company Applause just released an in depth study that ranked the best dating apps in America. Here are the top 11.

Sam Parr • February 11, 2016

The Seven Books You Should Read to Be Smarter

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain.

Sam Parr • February 9, 2016

This $20,000 House Will Save America

An Alabama company is building beautiful $20,000 houses that look like they cost millions.

Sam Parr • February 8, 2016

Spotify Now Lets Users Listen to TV Shows and Podcasts

Is Spotify trying to take on Netflix?

Sam Parr • February 8, 2016

I’ve Discovered the Greatest Playlist Ever to Crush It at Work

Listen to this when you've got a lot of work to do and need to focus.

Sam Parr • February 4, 2016

Casper Made $1 Million in Its First 28 Days

Casper is reimagining the way we buy mattresses. And they’ve made $100 million in the process. Here's how they did it.

Sam Parr • February 2, 2016

Rocket Internet: What It’s Like to Work at a Startup Clone Factory

We secretly interviewed an employee of Rocket Internet, Europe's most notorious incubator that makes billions of dollars from ruthlessly copying Silicon Valley startups.

Sam Parr • January 25, 2016

How The Bonobos Founder Went from “Insufficient ATM Funds” to Over $100 Million in Revenue

Andy Dunn had $150,000 in debt when he became CEO of Bonobos. Eight years later, he sold his millionth pair of chinos.

Sam Parr • January 25, 2016

This is Spotify’s Best Feature… And No One Ever Talks About It

There's a lot more to Spotify than just listening to Hoobastank on repeat. Introducing a little-known category that will change your 9 to 5.

Sam Parr • January 12, 2016

DraftKings and FanDuel, Both Billion Dollar Companies, Will Be Out of Business 24 Months

DraftKings and FanDuel have built billion dollar businesses using government loopholes and shady advertising practices. But the end is near...

Sam Parr • January 7, 2016

How to Start a Cult (Startup)

Don't you want devoted followers who will leave their families for you? Give their money to you? Give their bodies to you? Consider you God?

Sam Parr • January 6, 2016

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