Samir Javer
Contributing Writer, The Hustle

Can Netflix be a lifestyle brand?

The company is partnering with the likes of Bumble, while also making it harder for people to watch.

Samir Javer • February 7, 2023

Amazon is playing 4D chess now

Amazon’s Buy With Prime program stands to benefit both Amazon and third-party sellers.

Samir Javer • January 18, 2023

Can Zmail become the new Gmail?

The videoconferencing app is taking on Microsoft Office and Google.

Samir Javer • November 23, 2022

Should the NBA go all-in on streaming?

With a new TV deal on the horizon, the NBA is at a crossroads.

Samir Javer • October 26, 2022

Who will win the audiobook wars?

Spotify’s betting big on audiobooks, and taking on Amazon in the process.

Samir Javer • October 10, 2022

Why sports teams are selling subscriptions

Franchises are turning to monthly subscriptions to generate revenue.

Samir Javer • September 22, 2022

The ‘Wordle’ glow up, explained

The New York Times is making big moves to take Wordle to the next level.

Samir Javer • September 1, 2022

Serena Williams’ next chapter

After years of investing, the tennis legend is going all-in on VC.

Samir Javer • August 18, 2022

Why gaming giant Unity dropped billions on an acquisition

A boom in gaming acquisitions signals how much the industry has grown.

Samir Javer • July 21, 2022

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